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Belodore – Your New Fragrant Story – Evoke Emotions, Wear Uniqueness


Miodrag Spahić - Jun 09, 2022

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Each perfume is a different and special journey which requires extensive research,  a journey that arouses powerful emotions. Choosing your own signature, niche perfume is an intimate story that reveals your attitude and passion, but also the courage to wear it. What are niche perfumes?

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Different, special, personal, innovative and interesting, niche perfumes showcase unique fragrant compositions of high quality ingredients. They are created by perfume designers who bring their own experiences and feelings into their creations. That is why they are considered master artists whose creations can be enjoyed by everyone and that can become part of their identity. Niche perfumes are often inspired by tradition but are also spiced up with new, modern and bold fragrant expressions. They are not defined by gender, but by emotion, personal experience and sensibility. Their exclusivity emphasizes individuality, diversity, seduction and sensuality, innovativeness but also gracefulness. Each of us has the opportunity, when seeking out a scent based on personal preference, to be inspired and to experience that particular scent with all our senses. Finding a perfume to compliment your personality, a perfume that leaves an impression, a perfume that sends a message about you to others, is not always easy. The right guide on this journey is Belodore, which is here to reveal new horizons, positive emotions and signature fragrances. Belodore is a regional chain of niche perfumeries founded in 2017, operating in 6 countries. Each perfumery captivates with its elegant and cordial atmosphere. Belodore experts are at your service to bring you the exciting world of unique perfumes and premium skincare products from the offer of over 40 carefully selected brands: Acqua di Parma, Amouage, Bond No. 9, Byredo, Casamorati, Creed, Escentric Molecules, Frederic Malle, Houbigant, Juliette has a gun, M.Micallef, Mancera, Montale, Nasomatto, Nishane, Orto Parisi, Perris, Monte Carlo, Roja Parfums, The Different Company, Tiziana Terenzi, Xerjoff and other perfume brands, or Dr Barbara Sturm, Bellefontaine or Swiss Perfection from the line of premium skincare brands.

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Acqua di Parma is an Italian perfume house with a hundred-year tradition that depicts classical Italian elegance inspired by a unique landscape, subtle floral essences, a particular life philosophy and a signature style. It all began a little over a century ago, in 1916, in a small essential oil workshop in Parma, where Colonia, an unusually fresh and modern fragrance, was created, a perfume that inspired the world of Acqua di Parma fragrances based on the Italian way of life, the passion for beauty, attention to detail and the contemporary interpretation of luxury.

Courtesy of Belodore

Amouage is a perfume house with a tradition going back more than 30 years. The founder of this luxury perfume brand is the Sultan of Oman. Amouage’s mission is to create extraordinary, long-lasting and innovative fragrances that honour the art of making fine perfumes, which are loved and worn around the world, giving their clients the oppor tunity to stand out from the crowd and highlight their individuality. The unique blend of signature ingredients, known as Amouage Patina (sophisticated and heavily floral in character) is mainly the result of a complex blend of three rich ingredients found in Oman: silver incense, Omani rose and myrrh. Devotees of this brand do not follow trends, and they are not afraid to wear something special, unusual and different. These are people who make bold choices and enjoy the fresh breeze of authentic luxury provided by Amouage.

Bond No. 9 – For the first time in the history of niche perfumes, a brand has been inspired by passion and love for a city; in this case, the perfume glorifies and celebrates the city of New York, using historical knowledge and the art of creating fragrances. The brand’s creator, Laurice Rahme, believes that the iconic locations of New York, such as Madison Square Park, Wall Street, Astor Place, Little Italy, Coney Island and Lexington Avenue – famous spots in the “city that never sleeps” – deserve to have their names carried by specially designed fragrances.

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The House of Creed – The story of the first perfume from 1781 already gives us indications that it is a timeless brand. James Henry Creed created scented leather gloves especially for King George III, who encouraged the founder to transfer his skill to making a personal perfume. From its founding until today, Creed has maintained the family tradition and remains famous for continuing to make luxury perfumes for royalty and members of the nobility, but also all true lovers. Employing its own essence and traditional creation techniques, Creed has been providing top quality and authentic fragrances for many years. Over the centuries, Creed has produced over two hundred different perfumes, which testify to the distinct and creative spirit that is passed from nose to nose through several generations of this famous family of perfumers. Even today, from various parts of the world, they collect high-quality natural raw materials, so it is not surprising that Creed perfumes make you sigh with just one whiff of the scent.

Courtesy of Belodore

Nishane – (nişane) means sign, mark or symbol. NISHANE as a symbol of sophisticated fragrances, a symbol of elegant artistic scent creations designed with utmost care. It is the first and only Istanbul-based niche perfume brand that is celebrated globally. NISHANE sees perfume creation as pure art, which results in extremely original fragrant creations. Inspired by its rooted tradition, modern vision and the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul that has embraced so many civilizations, NISHANE brings us sophisticated, exclusive fragrances that stem from a powerful and diverse culture.

The Tiziana Terenzi collection is inspired by the journeys, emotions, passion and life experiences of three generations of the Terenzi family. Today, behind the brand are the brother Paolo, the “nose”, who creates fragrant compositions and the sister, Tiziana Terenzi, the creative force responsible for the quality of packaging and artistic production of every detail. Production is done by hand with patience and love, because quality deserves attention, and beauty deserves admiration. In addition to per-fume extracts, Terenzi House makes scented candles and home fragrances that can be found only in carefully selected locations around the world.

Courtesy of Belodore

Xerjoff – Sergio Momo, the founder of the Xerjoff brand, believes that “Beauty will save the world”. Guided by this motto, he hired a team of per fumers with extensive knowledge and international experience to create perfumes that have the power to drive ethereal, imaginary forms of beauty. Essences obtained from plants that are highly valued in perfumery give XERJOFF perfumes their unique character. Through unusual fragrant compositions, XERJOFF successfully combines the traditional and the modern. Just 16 years since its founding, Xerjoff has found itself among the world’s leading perfume brands. It is responsible for the return of authentic Italian beauty, creativity and craftsmanship to the forefront of world perfumery. Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics – Over the course of the two decades of her career, Dr. Barbara Sturm has gained her reputation and fame by promoting techniques for achieving young, healthy and beautiful skin without surgery. Her entire cosmetic line is formulated for all those who are looking for uncomplicated yet highly effective skincare regime that provides hydration, nutrition and regeneration. Potent active ingredients that have been clinically studied for their specific properties and efficacy are at the core of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products. At the heart of almost every product is the natural extract of Purslane, an anti-aging ingredient often referred to as the “fountain of youth”.

We are sure that your new fragrant story is waiting for you at any one of our Belodore perfumeries. A story that evokes emotions, a story that will allow you to find the uniqueness you have been looking for.


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