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Ambasador Hotel – Split’s Quintessence of Mediterranean Luxury


Miodrag Spahić - May 23, 2024

In the lively heart of Split, Croatia’s dazzling tourist destination, The Ambasador Hotel emerges as the newest star of true Mediterranean indulgence. This high-end hotel, perfectly nestled on the city’s most famous promenade, offers an unmatched view of the old city’s panorama, the bustling harbour, and the breath-taking archipelago. This view, coupled with the hotel’s design and offerings, captures the essence of the region’s charm and the luxury that Ambasador promises its guests.

The hotel is a masterful representation of the Split and Mediterranean lifestyle, seamlessly integrating the region’s leisurely traditions, respect for its rich history, and embodying the essence of Dalmatia. With 98 rooms and 2 suites, almost all of which boast open views of the city and harbour, the Ambasador’s design pays hommage to the local way of living, inviting guests to relax and rejuvenate away from the hectic pace of everyday life.Crafted with special attention to using natural materials and showcasing the tradition and exclusivity of the region. The hotel’s interiors feature photographs capturing the Dalmatian joy of life, alongside handcrafted elements like the reception desk made from the ancient black oak. These details, along with the hotel’s proximity to key attractions, emphasizes its role as a part of the city’s vibrant lifestyle.


At the core of the Ambasador Hotel’s allure is the culinary expertise of the executive Chef Miro Marić, whose illustrious career across Europe has endowed him with a wealth of experience and a vision to enhance the hotel’s dining experience. Marić’s journey, spanning prestigious establishments from the legendary Relais & Chateaux Taubenkobel in Austria to the Michelin-starred 180 Degrees by Matthias Diether in Tallinn, has been marked by significant milestones. Notably, his role in securing the first Michelin star for the Alfred Keller restaurant and his contributions to achieving 14 Gault Millau points for Hotel Lemongarden showcase his ability to elevate culinary art to unparalleled heights. “My greatest influence, however, is Joe K. Gasser, who is still my mentor to this day. He created me.” – Marić points out.

Executive Chef Miro Marić, Restaurant Méditeranée

Marić’s philosophy intertwines French culinary foundations with Mediterranean flair and a bit of infusion of Asian cuisine, embodying a commitment to quality that prioritizes locally sourced ingredients without compromising excellence. “The quality of the food is the most important thing to me,” Marić emphasizes, showcasing his dedication to crafting dishes that resonate with authenticity and innovation. This approach is evident in his dynamic menu at Restaurant Méditeranée, which promises an evolving culinary journey aligned with the seasons. “Every plate is important to me, and every plate must create a wow effect for guests. “– he says.Central to his vision is the desire to transform the Ambasador into a leading gastro hotel in the Adriatic region and beyond. With plans to incorporate interactive dining experiences, including wine dinners, guest chefs’ dinners, and Michelin chef’s dinners, Marić aims to create a culinary scene that engages and inspires. His work with local producers ensures that the restaurant not only champions the best of Croatian cuisine but also introduces guests to the rich tapestry of flavours that define unique gastro experience.Under Marić’s guidance, the culinary experience at the Ambasador extends to the hotel’s Bar Split, as well, where guests can savour topquality morning espressos, artisan sweets, and a selection of cocktails and drinks. The creative tapas story, developed in collaboration with chef Nikola, is a testament to the hotel’s dedication to offering diverse and rich experiences. The outdoor terrace, with its unique view of Diocletian’s Palace and the Riva waterfront, offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, further enhancing senses while dining or having lunch.As well, the hotel features an open-air pool with an astonishing view, complemented by a pool bar that serves as a perfect setting for relaxing afternoons. The fitness & spa, multifunctional conference room and the exclusive rooftop terrace are designed to cater to both, leisure, and business guests, offering spaces that blend luxury with functionality.


The Ambasador Hotel stands as a testament to Split’s lasting appeal, offering a luxurious sanctuary that mirrors the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and breath-taking scenery. With Chef Miro Marić the hotel is headed to position as the most sought-after place for food enthusiasts and travellers seeking an unparalleled Mediterranean experience. The commitment to quality, innovation, and local collaboration ensures that every guest’s stay is a memorable experience that highlights the best of Dalmatia and the wider Mediterranean region.

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