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Real Estate

Luštica Bay presents The Peaks – A Fusion of Nature, Design and Golf Excellence

Luštica Bay, Montenegro, redefines coastal indoor-outdoor living and modern architecture with The Peaks, the Adriatic destination’s neighbourhood, which also...

May 16, 2024
Real Estate

ALK Group – Global Experience With Local Excellence

Undoubtedly, real estate has become one of the most developed investment markets. Many reasons have influenced this outcome. The...

Mar 11, 2024
Real Estate

Palais & Villa Schellenburg Ljubljana

Your dream apartment is now constructed The Schellenburg residential complex might just be waiting for you, as there are...

Mar 07, 2024
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A Modernist View of Luxury: Explore The Architecture of The First St. Regis Branded Residences in Southeast Europe

       Ever since its foundation in 1904 at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street in...

Feb 20, 2024
Real Estate

World Real Estate Markets – Demand, Supply and Stability

Not just in our region, but 2022 was a year of (un)predictable political events, of an(un)anticipated economic slowdown, of...

May 03, 2023
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Kolašin Valleys Montenegro – Life at The Top

Montenegro is a real catalogue of all natural beauties. From the idyllic coast on the warm Adriatic Sea with...

Apr 25, 2023
Real Estate

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Emir Granov – A Unique Insight by a Key Regional Investor

For more than 20 years, Emir Granov has been one of the crucial businessmen in Sarajevo, a city that...

Apr 19, 2023
Real Estate

The rise and rise of branded residences

By Kieran Kelleher, Owner Dream Estates Croatia / Montenegro – Savills Branded residences, as a property sector, has proved...

Dec 05, 2022
Real Estate

Montenegro Real Estate Market: Overview. Trends. Project

In the past, when Montenegro was talked about as a luxury tourist destination, everyone had Sveti Stefan in mind,...

Dec 04, 2022