Luštica Bay presents The Peaks – A Fusion of Nature, Design and Golf Excellence


Miodrag Spahić - May 16, 2024

Luštica Bay, Montenegro, redefines coastal indoor-outdoor living and modern architecture with The Peaks, the Adriatic destination’s neighbourhood, which also sees the launch of Montenegro’s very first 18-hole golf course and golf residences. As an exclusive boutique golf community, “The Peaks” enchants with its comprehensive 360° vistas, harmoniously blends indoor and outdoor living, and offers a wealth of cosmopolitan amenities, creating a distinct lifestyle enclave.The Peaks’ first residences, Botanika, comprises luxury villas designed by internationally acclaimed architects Block 722 and sophisticated townhouses and apartments designed by local design firm NRA Atelier. Inspired by the natural beauty of its surroundings, the Botanika residential collection has been visioned using four design pillars of tradition, pioneering architecture, sustainability, and user experience to ensure a subtle transition from build to natural environment.



The Botanika villas at Luštica Bay set a new benchmark in refined living, blending architectural magnificence with unparalleled design. These residences boast private outdoor spaces ideal for high-end entertaining, complete with state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens, elegant dining areas, showers, fire pits, and infinity pools that extend seamlessly into the azure horizon. Inside, each villa reveals expansive, modern spaces highlighted by dramatic stone walls, indoor fireplaces, and select finishes such as parquet flooring and underfloor heating. With options of 3 or 4 bedrooms, these homes are strategically placed to offer captivating views of the Adriatic Sea, defining the pinnacle of sophisticated living.


The semi-detached townhouses in Luštica Bay offer an unmatched living experience with 215 m2 of meticulously designed space that embraces the serene Mediterranean landscape. Outdoor living is reimagined with sprawling terraces featuring private infinity pools, sophisticated dining areas, and sleek outdoor kitchens. Bi-folding doors allow for a seamless integration with the natural surroundings, making the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean a constant backdrop. These three-bedroom homes cater to those who appreciate a refined aesthetic, offering a serene retreat that marries the grandeur of thoughtful design with the natural beauty of the location.


Luštica Bay’s select collection of low-rise apartments represents the apex of design and comfort. With a thoughtful integration of local textures and hues, each residence pays homage to the surrounding natural beauty. Offering one to three bedrooms across spacious layouts ranging from 100 to 169 m2, these homes are designed for those who seek refinement and tranquility. Wrap-around terraces invite residents to enjoy serene moments under the expansive Adriatic sky. The addition of a communal pool and lush green spaces enhances the opportunities for relaxation and social gatherings, ensuring a harmonious blend of community and privacy.


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By using Montenegro as an architectural backbone, the neighbourhood has been designed to complement the landscape and echo the colours and textures of the destination. Montenegro’s Venetian heritage is reflected in gabled roofs and traditional stone walls. The well-articulated architectural spaces are brought to life using locally sourced stone and wood, offering glimpses of the Montenegrin mountains and Adriatic waters throughout. Uniquely drawing inspiration from the destination’s local heritage, the architectural design combines traditional building materials and techniques with contemporary architecture. The Peaks has been designed with thoughtfully divided spaces to maximise true indoor-outdoor living. Inside, earthy tones and natural materials are paired with bespoke furniture, whilst outdoor options include paved terraced or planted gardens.


Luštica Bay is dedicated to sustainable design principles, and the Botanika development is no exception. The project incorporates ecoconscious design elements, employing energy-efficient technologies and integrating locally sourced materials throughout to minimise its environmental impact. Light-coloured, high albedo materials reduce heat island effect, whilst thick insulated walls function as thermal mass across both warm and cool seasons. Native plant species have been imbedded throughout the neighbourhood to minimise water consumption and maintenance. Covering just 10% of its 690-hectare site, Luštica Bay’s low density-development is committed to preserving the destination’s natural beauty across all its neighbourhoods.


The villas feature dedicated golf storage and unobstructed views of the neighbouring brand-new golf course. Private pool decks, and terraces with lounge seating and dining areas have been strategically designed to offer residents seamless indoor-outdoor spaces. In the wider neighbourhood, pedestrian connectivity is promoted through pavements and trail systems, with access to key outdoor spaces such as the pool, terraces and golf plains, to form a harmonious community. Christina Kontou, Senior Architect at Block722 says of the project: “We are delighted to have collaborated with Luštica Bay on the Botanika villas and to have worked with a common vision to harmoniously combine architectural form and pure nature, reflecting the topological, historical and architectural heritage of Montenegro”. Marking a significant milestone in the region’s high-end real estate and tourism landscape, The Peaks development and its architectural design continues to establish Luštica Bay as the ultimate coastal destination.


The design seamlessly integrates the natural shapes and scents of the Luštica Peninsula, preserving native macchia woodlands and garrigue scrublands. The selection of plant species, from evergreen shrubs to culinary herbs, ensures a harmonious blend of green hues with occasional accents of white, purple, pink, and yellow. The landscape design not only reflects the natural beauty of the region but also embraces Luštica’s deep cultural heritage. As the development matures, the true value of this visionary approach will become increasingly evident over time.


With it’s elevated position between Boka Bay and the Adriatic Sea, The Peaks’ 18-hole golf course boasts an unrivalled setting with picturesque vistas in every direction. Designed by the esteemed Gary Player Design, who are renowned for their ecological approach, the course seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings, creating a harmonious fusion between nature and sport. Each hole has been thoughtfully crafted to maximise the beauty of the landscape, providing golfers with a unique and unforgettable experience.Seamlessly extending from the course’s design to its broader community, the esteemed golf club emerges as a central hub for the sport’s connoisseurs, ready to welcome international tournaments and host exclusive gatherings that underscore its global stature.



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