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Remington Realty – Serbia: An Exclusive Affiliate Of Christie’s International Real Estate

Nikola Pekic

Nikola Pekic - Jun 09, 2024

Remington Realty is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate in the local markets of Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia, a testament to our unparalleled local expertise and global reach. Our unique position as the sole representative of the Christie’s brand in these territories underscores our standing and commitment to excellence in the luxury real estate sector. The meticulous selection process by Christie’s International Real Estate ensures that only top-tier brokerages, demonstrating consistent success in luxury property sales and adhering to the highest standards, are included in its exclusive network.

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market, including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner?

In the highly competitive real estate market of Serbia, Remington Realty stands out as the quintessential choice for both sellers and buyers looking for unparalleled expertise and a distinguished network in the luxury property sector. Our affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate, a global authority in luxury real estate since 1995, places us in a unique position to serve the discerning needs of our clientele. Christie’s International Real Estate, with its roots in the world-renowned auction house founded in 1766, boasts over 900 offices across 48 countries, making it a leader in the luxury residential property market. This affiliation not only signifies a stamp of excellence but also provides us with an unmatched global reach and access to a prestigious network.

Remington Realty is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate in the local markets of Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia, a testament to our unparalleled local expertise and global reach. Our unique position as the sole representative of the Christie’s brand in these territories underscores our standing and commitment to excellence in the luxury real estate sector. The meticulous selection process by Christie’s International Real Estate ensures that only top-tier brokerages, demonstrating consistent success in luxury property sales and adhering to the highest standards, are included in its exclusive network.

Our local leadership is further enhanced by our in-depth understanding of the Serbian market. Our dedicated team of professionals is not only well-versed in the dynamics of the local real estate market but also brings a wealth of international experience to the table. This dual expertise ensures that we are equipped to navigate both local and global market fluctuations, providing our clients with strategic insights and guidance.

What truly sets Remington Realty apart is our commitment to personalization and discretion. Our team members, who are lifestyle emissaries and brand ambassadors of Christie’s International Real Estate, uphold the core values of integrity, expertise, and discreet client service. We pride ourselves on offering personalized brokerage services that meet the strictest standards of excellence. Our multilingual client executives, proficient in local languages as well as English and Russian, ensure that communication barriers are non-existent, providing a seamless experience for our international clientele.

Choosing Remington Realty means partnering with a brokerage that not only represents the esteemed Christie’s brand in Serbia but also brings a global perspective coupled with local market leadership. Our track record of success in the sale of luxury real estate, underpinned by a tradition of excellence and a rigorous selection process by Christie’s International Real Estate, makes us the preferred partner for discerning sellers and buyers in the luxury property market.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes etc?

The Serbian real estate market in 2024 and beyond is poised for a period of steady growth and transformation, reflecting a blend of enduring appeal and emerging trends. The market’s trajectory is influenced by a mix of traditional investor confidence, evolving buyer preferences, and demographic shifts, all set against the backdrop of global and local developments.

Market Stability and Price Growth

Given the prevailing investor sentiment for security and stability, the Serbian real estate market is unlikely to see drastic price declines. Instead, a steady or moderate price growth can be expected, particularly in sectors and locations that align with current and emerging trends. Projects along rivers and those aligned with the urbanization of cities, especially with an eye on significant events like EXPO 2027 in Belgrade, are likely to maintain, if not increase, their value due to their unique appeal and the anticipated influx of visitors and international attention.

Emerging Hotspots and New Projects

Emerging cities such as Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac, along with developments outside city limits offering gated communities with robust transportation links, are set to become new hubs for business and living. These areas are attracting interest for their blend of security, accessibility, and quality of life, potentially leading to a proliferation of new projects catering to these demands.

Evolving Buyer Profiles and Preferences

The profile of buyers is becoming increasingly diverse, with a notable shift towards properties that offer not just superior construction quality but also enhanced amenities such as wellness centers, gyms, and eco-friendly features. This shift is partly driven by the younger generations’ demand for sustainability and convenience, indicating a broader trend towards more conscious living environments.

Additionally, the substantial influx of foreigners, as evidenced by the significant number of work permits issued and migration from conflictaffected regions, is reshaping the buyer demographic. This change is not only increasing demand for rental properties, leading to a spike in rental prices, but also likely to result in a more multicultural buyer and investor base, further diversifying the market.

Nationality Changes and Global Integration

With over 200,000 individuals having migrated to Serbia in recent years, the country’s real estate market is increasingly reflective of a global community. This demographic shift is expected to continue influencing the market, with a considerable number of new residents from abroad choosing to make Serbia their permanent home. Such trends suggest a potential shift in the nationality mix of buyers and investors, with a growing number of nonnative participants in the market.

Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade

Starting Price: €518,888 including VAT.Nestled within the iconic Kula Belgrade, rising 42 stories and standing tall at 168 meters, The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade epitomize an unrivaled lifestyle of elegance and sophistication. With a harmonious blend of art, textures, and materials, each residence pays homage to the surrounding natural environment and the majestic River Sava, while also honoring the rich heritage of the city. As the centerpiece of the Belgrade Waterfront project, St. Regis sets the standard for luxury living in the heart of the capital. Residences with one and two bedrooms, as well as duplex structures with two and three bedrooms, are available for sale. Residences with one and two bedrooms, as well as duplex structures with two and three bedrooms, are available for sale.

BW Riviera

Starting Price: €482,888 including VAT.BW Riviera, part of Belgrade Waterfront, offers luxurious living along the Sava River. With stylish apartments and penthouses, it provides breathtaking views and modern amenities. Residents enjoy convenience and relaxation with fitness centers and pools. Integrated into the vibrant community, it offers access to retail and dining. BW Riviera epitomizes modern urban living in Belgrade. Available are apartment configurations with one, two, three, four, and six bedrooms.

Dositejeva apartment

Price upon request.This exceptional apartment, situated in the heart of Belgrade in Gornji Dorćol, boasts unparalleled luxury and sophistication. It occupies the entire floor, offering 200 square meters of meticulously designed living space. Upon entering, you are greeted by a spacious and elegantly appointed living area, thoughtfully divided to create separate zones for relaxation and entertainment. The living room features a fireplace, providing a cozy ambiance for enjoyment.The apartment includes two generously sized bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. One of the standout features of this residence is the floor-to-ceiling windows that adorn both sides of the apartment, offering breathtaking views of the historic city center. This dual aspect orientation floods the living space with natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.


Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the Serbian real estate market is expected to navigate through a phase of growth characterized by stable prices, the rise of new development hotspots, and an evolving buyer profile emphasizing sustainability and convenience. Coupled with the anticipated impacts of global events and demographic shifts, the market is set for a dynamic period that promises opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike, marking Serbia as a key player on the international real estate stage.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types which potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth?

Given the evolving dynamics of the Serbian real estate market, potential buyers looking for properties with future growth potential should consider several key insights and trends that align with contemporary and emerging lifestyles. These trends not only cater to immediate needs but are also indicative of long-term value retention and appreciation. Here are some areas and property types to consider, along with the importance of lifestyle amenities, master-planned environments, and architectural trends:

Master-Planned and Structured Environments

Comprehensive Development: Properties within master-planned communities are highly desirable due to their structured approach to urban living. These areas are designed with a holistic vision that includes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, ensuring a balanced lifestyle for residents.

Future Growth Potential: Masterplanned communities often come with the promise of future development and enhancements, making them a wise investment in terms of potential value appreciation.

Gated and Semi-Closed Communities

Security and Privacy: Gated or semiclosed communities offer heightened security and privacy, a priority for many buyers, especially in uncertain times.

Community and Lifestyle: These communities often feature exclusive amenities such as parks, clubhouses, and sports facilities, fostering a sense of community and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Amenities

Health and Wellness Focus: Properties offering access to health and wellness amenities like gyms, spas, and green spaces are increasingly sought after. Such features not only enhance the quality of life but also appeal to a broad demographic, from young professionals to retirees.

Convenience and Efficiency: Amenities that offer convenience, such as professional building management services, proximity to shopping and dining, and efficient transport links, are key factors driving demand.

Timeless Architectural Designs and Greenery

Less is More: In terms of architecture, there’s a growing appreciation for simplicity and minimalism. Properties that embody the “less is more” philosophy with clean lines and functional spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also timeless in their appeal.

Integration with Nature: Properties surrounded by parks or those that incorporate greenery through landscaped gardens, rooftop terraces, or green walls are not only beneficial for the environment but also enhance the well-being of residents. Such features are becoming decisive factors for many buyers.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

In the dynamic and ever-evolving real estate landscape of today, agencies like ours are navigating through a variety of challenges that necessitate strategic adaptability and innovative approaches. Below are the primary challenges we face and the measures we’ve taken to address them effectively:

Increasing Competition

The real estate market has become increasingly competitive, with numerous agencies vying for the attention of a finite group of buyers and sellers.

Strategic Response: We leverage our exclusive affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate to distinguish ourselves. This global network not only elevates our brand but also allows us to tap into an unparalleled pool of high-net-worth individuals, setting us apart in the luxury market segment.

Innovative Marketing: Employing targeted social media campaigns, personalized client outreach, and enhanced online presentations ensures we remain ahead in reaching and engaging potential clients.

Changing Market Dynamics

Market dynamics are continually shifting due to economic factors, regulatory changes, and global events, impacting buyer sentiment and investment patterns.

Market Analysis: Our approach involves a constant analysis of market trends and regulatory environments. This vigilance allows us to anticipate changes and advise our clients accordingly, ensuring they make informed decisions.

Flexibility: We maintain a flexible approach to our operations, adapting our strategies to meet the evolving market. This agility ensures we can swiftly respond to new opportunities or challenges as they arise.

Evolving Buyer Preferences

Buyers today are increasingly sophisticated, with preferences that evolve rapidly. The demand for sustainable, techenabled, and lifestyle-oriented properties is on the rise.

Tailored Solutions: We prioritize understanding the unique needs and preferences of each client. Our team is trained to listen actively and adapt their search and presentation strategies to match the specific desires of buyers, ensuring a highly personalized service.

Lifestyle Emphasis: Recognizing the growing emphasis on lifestyle amenities, we spotlight properties that offer these features, from wellness centers to smart home technologies, aligning with the desires of modern buyers.

Structured Brokerage Industry

The need for more structure in the brokerage industry, with standardized practices and enhanced professionalism, is evident.

Professional Development: We invest in the continuous professional development of our team, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the industry standards in terms of expertise and ethical practices.

Industry Leadership: By advocating for higher standards and participating in industry forums, we aim to contribute to the overall enhancement of professionalism within the real estate brokerage community.

Addressing Expectations

Meeting the high expectations of buyers and sellers in today’s market is challenging but critical for success.

Exceptional Service: We commit to providing exceptional, discreet client service at every touchpoint. This includes comprehensive after-sale support, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for all parties involved.

Innovative Tools and Services: Utilizing advanced CRM systems, data analytics, and personalized communication strategies, we ensure that our clients receive timely, relevant, and valuable information, enhancing their decision-making process and overall experience.

In conclusion, by strategically leveraging our unique strengths, staying ahead of market trends, and continuously enhancing our service quality, we address the challenges of the current real estate landscape. Our goal is to not only navigate these challenges but to set new benchmarks for excellence and client satisfaction in the industry.


We want to highlight the following properties from the offer.

Dedinje Townhouse Villas

Price: €1,400,000 VAT included.Townhouse villas located in the middle of the greenest part of Belgrade in Miloja Djaka Street at Dedinje with total area of 573 sq. meters , out of which 358 sq. meters is the interior space, and 215 sq. meters is the exterior space including the yard and rooftop terrace. Location offers an unrivalled sense of privacy and peace. Feel the embrace of the lush nature that envelops the environment and enjoy the serenity that permeates every corner of this esteemed community. Here you can enjoy discretion and silence, while still maintaining a great connection with the city. The facades of all villas are decorated with a white beige natural stone, which gives the houses a touch of luxury. Completion date: end of 2024.

Green Hill Dedinje

Price: €775,000.Enjoy luxurious living in Dedinje at the Green Hill settlement! This secure and exclusive residential complex, surrounded by greenery, offers a unique experience. For sale is a two-bedroom 105 sq. meters apartment with two bathrooms, a spacious living room with access to a lovely balcony overlooking trees and greenery. Additionally, the apartment features a 3 are yard divided into two parts. One part of the yard is directly accessible from the apartment and includes a completely private pool with dimensions of 10X3. Inside the apartment, you’ll find high-quality equipment – a kitchen equipped with Gaggenau appliances, bathrooms with Gessi accessories and furnished with pieces and built-in furniture from the Charlie Pomiere brand. The apartment is sold fully furnished including two parking spaces in the garage and a storage room of 12 sq. meters. The settlement offers a high standard with a ceiling height of 3.30m, underfloor heating, ceiling cooling, and a Smart Home system. The settlement has 24/7 physical security and an external/internal video surveillance system.

West 65 Tower apartment

Price: €750,000.West 65 Tower is the youngest member of the residential-commercial complex West 65 located in New Belgrade. Every aspect of this stylish and modern 94 sq. meters apartment has been meticulously designed and executed to the finest detail, including Pianca and Cattelan furniture, Amina Carpets rugs, Buster+Punch lighting, Marazza ceramics, Smeg kitchen appliances, and Liebherr technology, along with Etro and Missoni cushions.

Structurally, it comprises two bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom with a phenomenal ensuite bathroom. Through the glass facade, there is a fantastic and unobstructed view of the new bridge on the Ada River.

Experience luxury living at its finest in this impeccable residence.

Contact Information

T: +381 65 877 8202

E: [email protected]


A: Kneza Miloša 90a/64, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia



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