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Unique Perspective Towards Each Client – Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty

Anđela Laković - Jun 26, 2024

Marko Pažanin, Managing Director of Sotheby’s Croatia

“The value of each project in our portfolio has increased since we are an exclusive representative of the prestigious international brand Sotheby’s International Realty®, which enables global marketing reach and attracts the attention of the international public. More than 26,000 independent sales associates in 1.075 offices and 81 countries worldwide make us the world’s most extensive luxury property network. The unparalleled reach of our advertising partners, some of the world’s most prominent media, allows our brand to connect successfully with a global consumer. Our global advertising plan is strategically created to raise awareness of extraordinary properties and the brand itself. “

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market, including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner.

Sotheby’s International Realty® is the most preferred brand and the leader in the luxury real estate market worldwide. Founded in 1976, it draws strength from its commitment to providing exceptional service, which has graced Sotheby’s auction house for over two centuries. By primarily understanding luxury as an experience rather than a mere price point, the cohesion of our global network of exceptional teams connects unique people with unique properties.

Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty’s unique perspective towards each client, property, and investment has become the gold standard that has secured our office a leading position in the luxury real estate market.

Clients of refined taste recognize our highest level of professionalism, extensive ex-perience, and complete discretion in delivering a unique business experience tailored to their needs. We provide clients with a personal and dedicated approach that ensures the fulfillment of the most complex requirements and leads them through the buying or selling process.

Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty‘s is the preferred choice of discerning VIP clients who possess impeccable tastes and demand nothing less than the highest standards.

What sets us apart is our properties and the exceptional people behind the scenes who make it all possible. Each team member is meticulously trained and educated to deliver a service that defines the epitome of luxury and unwavering commitment to excellence, thereby earning our clients’ trust. At Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, we do more than sell properties; we curate experiences, turning dreams into reality. The difference lies in the details, and the distinction is Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, the arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes, etc.

Croatia continues to stand out as the premier destination for buyers and investors within the European Union. Interest in Croatian properties is rising from neighboring countries, the USA and Australia. This surge in interest is particularly evident among clients with familial or cultural ties to Croatia.

Market stability prevails despite expectations of slightly fewer transactions in the current year. Looking ahead, our projections are optimistic, with anticipated growth over the next few years. This growth is primarily fueled by investments in resorts, further firming Croatia’s status as a sought-after destination.

The initiation of resort construction is a welcome development, notably exemplified by projects like the Petram Resort & Residences. We’re optimistic that this trend will persist, heralding many advantages aligned with global luxury trends. This includes integrating renowned international brands across various sectors such as tourism, gastronomy, and commerce. Such developments elevate Croatia’s appeal as a premier destination and signify its alignment with contemporary luxury preferences.

The influx of top international brands attracted by these investments will play a pivotal role in enhancing the tourism sector, positively impacting the economy and society.

Regarding pricing, stability is expected to persist, with no significant room for corrections in the near future.


Petram Resort & ResidencesPrice from: €679,418

Located in the picturesque seaside haven of Savudrija, Petram Resort & Residences epitomizes excellence, exclusivity, and luxury living. Nestled amidst Istria’s breathtaking landscape and sprawling across eight hectares, Petram Resort & Residences sets a new standard in opulent living. It boasts an extensive range of amenities, from personalized reception and concierge services to maintenance assistance, exclusive dining experiences, a state-of-the-art wellness center featuring Europe’s largest rooftop infinity pool, children’s facilities, sports activities, mini-golf course, access to the beach, and its amenities.

Villa Belmar – Starting Price: €3,450,000

Luxury seafront Villa Belmar is situated in an exclusive location in Primošten, representing a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. This impressive villa is located within an exclusive luxury resort. It is set on a 520 m2 plot, extending over three floors with 340 m2 of living space. The combination of impressive architecture, modern interior design, high-quality materials, top-of-the-line amenities, and stunning sea views make Villa Belmar an ideal residence for those who want to indulge in a luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle with sea views and the privacy of their home.

Villa Royale – Starting Price: €2,450,000

Villa Royale is a luxurious modern villa in an exclusive seafront position, on the southern side of the Čiovo Island. With its exceptional location, impressive contemporary design, and numerous glass surfaces, Villa Royale offers an extraordinary blend of comfort, elegance, functionality, and spectacular sea views. This impressive villa is being built on a 500 m2 plot and extends to 420 m2 of living space, elegantly distributed over four levels – basement, ground floor, and two upper floors. Villa Royale offers absolute privacy and comfort in a prestigious environment and luxurious amenities, making it one of this area’s most exclusive holiday residences. Villa Royale represents a contemporary Mediterranean oasis, an idyllic fusion of modern architecture and inspiring natural surroundings. It is ideal for those who appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle without compromising modern amenities, comfort, or quality.

Exclusive Seafront Building Plot – Upon Request

This exclusive south-oriented building land, covering an area of 10,360 m2, is situated in an exceptional location on the island of Čiovo, offering a unique opportunity to develop a luxury project in one of the most attractive locations on the Adriatic. Distinguished by its dominant position, fronting the sea within a mixed residential zone, the plot provides a unique opportunity to construct modern villas, apartments, or a residential settlement with distinctive architecture seamlessly blending into the natural surroundings, offering absolute privacy, comfort and functionality. Thanks to its extensive area, unique location, spectacular sea view, and natural surroundings, this plot provides various construction possibilities tailored to potential investors’ diverse needs and desires.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types that potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth?

At Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, we pride ourselves on providing our clients expert guidance tailored to their unique investment goals. Here are some key insights and tips to consider:

  • Seafront Properties: Croatia boasts a stunning coastline and picturesque islands, making waterfront properties highly desirable. Investing in such properties can offer a luxurious lifestyle and strong potential for appreciation over time.
  • Cultural Hotspots: Properties located near cultural landmarks, historical sites, or vibrant city centers tend to hold their value well and often experience constant appreciation.
  • Tourism Trends: Current tourism trends and property investment catering to discerning travelers’ preferences.
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Features: With growing awareness of environmental issues, properties with eco-friendly features and sustainable design elements are increasingly in demand. Investing in such properties aligns with ethical principles and positions you well for future market trends.
  • Professional Advice: By staying informed, understanding market trends, and seeking expert advice, potential buyers can position themselves for success and capitalize on future growth opportunities. Our team at Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, with in-depth knowledge of the local market, is here to provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

One of the key challenges we encounter is the limited availability of luxury properties and branded resorts in Croatia.

This scarcity poses a significant obstacle as demand for high-end real estate continues to grow, driven by domestic and international investors seeking exclusive properties and premium experiences. However, we are witnessing a gradual shift in this landscape, which presents challenges and opportunities for us.

As Croatia continues to gain prominence as a luxury travel destination and second-home market, developers and investors are increasingly interested in creating upscale properties and branded resorts to cater to discerning clientele.

While the limited availability of luxury properties and branded resorts presents challenges, we are committed to overcoming them through strategic initiatives, market expertise, and unparalleled client service. By staying proactive and responsive to market dynamics, we can continue to deliver exceptional value and experiences to our clients, positioning ourselves as the preferred choice for luxury real estate services in Croatia.

Villa Inspiration – Starting Price: €2,950,000

Villa Inspiration is a newly built property overlooking the pristine waters of the Adriatic, intertwined with alluring islands. Its prime position in one of the most desirable seaside locations allows you to fully relax, captivated by the magical ambiance that will not leave you indifferent.

Villa Inspiration is set on a plot of 1075 square meters and features a total gross living area of ca. 345 square meters, elegantly arranged on two levels. This superb property is a true Mediterranean oasis of peace and tranquility that enables an uncompromising hedonistic experience complemented by the refined exterior design and contemporary interior enhanced by several luxury touches. The villa boasts a modern design characterized by clean and simple lines, large glass surfaces, and an open floor plan with a carefully planned interior design.

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