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Heartwarming beauty – A winter to enjoy


Miodrag Spahić - Feb 11, 2022

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Luštica Bay, an oasis for hedonists and a winterbreak – treat yourself to moments of enjoyment and socialising with friends and family

The perfect winter break is at your fingertips in Luštica Bay – do something different for yourself, discover an extraordinary, heartwarming beauty. Explore the creative culinary delicacies and a variety of outdoor activities to help balance the hearty winter delicacies . Treat yourself to a spa weekend or a holiday you always imagined, in an ideal ambience that actives all the senses.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

Family idyll – a joint vacation and a place for family gatherings

Away from everyday obligations, and yetaround the corner, Luštica Bay is an ultimate destination for a family vacation in a healthy, natural environment, with a handful of interesting activities.

As you start your day relaxed, you can plan your time so that everyone can maximize on the fun!. A pleasant walk through the picturesque Marina Village, resembling an authentic fishing village with colourful facades of striking  villas and apartments, is complimented with  a beautiful view of the marina and the lighthouse in the middle of the bay.

Luštica Bay is an ideal choice for gatherings and celebrations that amount to those special moments in life. In a variety of restaurants you can celebrate your birthday, or prepare a surprise for your partner marking a  wedding anniversary, with a sumptuous cake as the sweetest gift.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

Gastronomic corner for everyone’s taste

We do only live once – so endulge and take on the hedonist role. . Luštica Bay is truly the place to try a mix of authentic local specialties and international culinary magic.

Coffee and pastries in the cafe The Spot, on the promenade by the sea, will offer respite duringthe touring of the resort. Lunch in the warm and cosy ambience of Kiki’s restaurant will whet the appetite of the most discerning guests – the menu includes refined domestic and international specialties, along with a selected wine list.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

Winter fairy tale for kids

In addition to the numerous sports fields and outdoor activities, children will find their entertainment in the Kids Club and playrooms, with imaginative animators and an attractive gaming experience. When they get tired of the excitement, kids will have fun tucked away in the warm hotel room or your apartment with cartoons and video games. Bring them a book, just in case, as they may want to immerse themselves in a world of imagination that is different to the contemporary  cyber reality.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

Active lifestyle of Luštica Bay at any time of year

Luštica Bay offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, such as swimming, sailing, kayaking, SUP boarding, quad adventure, cycling, jogging or hiking.

Fitness center with high quality equipment will help you stay in shape even when you are out of your usual daily routine. At The Chedi Lustica Bay you can try FITTAR Smart Mirror, a smart and fun tool that combines technology with fitness routines and gamification.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

New energy for mind and body – a unique spa experience

Lift the mood and revitalise the mind and body in a state of complete relaxation amidst a beautiful Mediterranean ambience. The unique Spa Weekend experience will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the authentic healing traditions of the exotic Bali, the mystical spirit of India and the holy land of Tibet. Relaxation and meditation, along with new insights, will create those moments to remember.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

The excitement of discovering a new destination

Explore the natural beauties of the Luštica peninsula in a real adventurous hike. The wild beauty of this area offers clean air, azure blue sea and stunning beaches, dense greenery intertwined with hiking trails.

The walk along the beach and the path by the sea is refreshing, and over the bridge you can visit the set up of the Almara beach, whose club and bar, within the Luštica Bay complex, are a popular summer concert stage and a place for trendy outings.

On foot or by bike, you can visit the olive groves throughout the Luštica peninsula, an idyllic, hidden cove of Rose, as well as the adjescent authentic farms and wineries where you can taste local products.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

A weekend escape by the sea or a holiday tailored to your needs

We suspect that you will want to return to Luštica Bay because, at the heart of it,  we are creating a community that provides a sense of belonging.

If you are in the mood for a weekend break, apartments with a sea view are available with daily rates from EUR 79 to 245 for a three-room apartment,. Accommodation in the house is available at a price of EUR 850 per night. Spending an evning in the luxury boutique hotel The Chedi,comes down toEUR 99 for a a double room. A real treat is a embodied in a SPA weekend, coming at a price of EUR 299 for two persons, for a two night stay with breakfast and a 60-minute spa treatment per person.

Photo courtesy of Luštica Bay

If you want a longer vacation in Luštica Bay, a monthly apartment rental for a family of four is available from EUR 2200 to 2500. You can afford a monthly stay at The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel in the Grand Superior Room, at a price of EUR 1500 (EUR 1800 with breakfast), while the Grand Deluxe Room is available from EUR 2000 (EUR 2300 with breakfast).

All the benefits of an extended holiday in Luštica Bay, such as enjoying nature, peace, privacy, potential for remote working , friendly staff, the possibility of using The Chedi Spa at a special discount, or enjoying a selection of good restaurants in Marina Village, will make this stay a truly  unforgettable experience.

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