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If What You Want is a Design Home Gym, Technogym Has Your Back

Nikola Pekic

Nikola Pekic - Jun 04, 2024

Wellness and a healthy lifestyle are among the dominant trends in recent years, across many sectors. As awareness of and interest in health increases, more and more people want to keep in shape in their free time, leading to a rising demand for home gyms. When choosing equipment for domestic spaces, the aesthetic of products becomes more important than ever: the goal is to create fitness areas that look just as good as any other room of the house.

Attention to design is one of Technogym’s constitutive values as a brand, which succeeded in incorporating this factor into the Wellness & Fitness field. Technogym’s fine products have been deemed worthy of a long list of international design awards, including 3 Compasso D’oro awards, 18 ADI Awards, 14 Red Dot Design Awards, 3 International Design Excellence Awards, 6 iF Awards, 11 Good Design Awards and 2 German Design Awards.The Italian firm also actively collaborates with the world’s most prominent architects and designers, first and foremost Antonio Citterio, who designed both the Technogym Village and the Personal Line, the ultimate choice for the wellness areas of private domestic spaces. It comprises premium products in terms of aesthetics, quality of materials and features. The perfect synthesis between cutting-edge technology, innovative raw materials and sleek and elegant design, Personal Line is capable of enhancing the house’s interiors, fitting right in as a high-end item of furniture.

Technogym’s consultancy and personalised assistance services for the design of interiors and wellness spaces is available for any kind of project, including home gyms. Thanks to this kind of optional services, nothing is left to chance and every detail is taken care of in the best possible way.


When creating the home wellness area, the space analysis is always complemented by an analysis of the customer’s needs, in order to give the best advice for the selection of products. Depending on the client’s age, preferred sports, habits, and desired goals, Technogym identifies a list of products (among more than 250), then proceeds to work with the architect to design the dedicated space or to help the customer define the best space within the home.

Technogym designers make the external architect’s or designer’s mood board their own, in order to speak the same design language, made of materials and coverings, of chromatic, decorative and tactile identity. A great importance is given to every single project, as if it were one of the company’s most relevant and strategic showrooms.Once the architect has defined the domestic space allocated to the home gym and established the layout key points, Technogym offers its full support and shares its specialist expertise: the brand proceeds to the spatial distribution of the selected products, with the aim to integrate even the smallest design details. We’re talking about the optimal lighting not to interfere with the workout and with the product display, the ideal distance between the various pieces so that they can be used comfortably and safely according to their size, the interaction between products and air conditioning, the best equipment layout to facilitate training and cooling down, the arrangement and concealment of electric cables: everything is aimed at achieving the greatest added value possible.


Having a home gym, whether a wall-to-wall one or just a corner, makes access to exercise much easier, just as it makes it easier to fit exercise into a regular routine. Being able to work out at any time, even at the last minute, from the comfort of one’s own home, generates more loyal and dedicated wellness enthusiasts, who in the long term will also become regulars at fitness clubs. This is also possible thanks to Technogym’s digital ecosystem, which makes the workout experience seamless, whether you’re at home or in the gym, conducting your workout in any context and via all Technogym touchpoints.

Technogym also recommends certain placements based on the product type (cardio lines in front of windows or mirrors), and their technical specifications (strength lines aligned along the perimeter of the room). The goal is also to propose a solution in which Technogym products fit into the home environment in a harmonious, innovative, and non-stereotypical way, just as Technogym’s offer is not unoriginal when it comes to the design of individual products.Alongside Personal Line, Technogym offers a wide variety of solutions which are perfect to set up a home gym, covering all needs and goals. The newest addition is Technogym Run, the home treadmill offering the same level of quality and technology found in the best gyms, as well as an unprecedented variety of workouts: from running, to power, to bootcamp. All this, with the best running feeling and no noise.


If you are performance oriented and you are looking for peak results, you can aim for the stars at home as well, thanks to Skill Line, the range of products for cardio and strength training designed by Technogym in collaboration with professional athletes and internationally renowned research institutes. Skill Line provides the absolute best biomechanics, and it was conceived both for agonistic athletes and for fitness enthusiasts willing to challenge their limits.Whatever your fitness goal, with Technogym App it’s never been this easy and quick to achieve it, comfortably from home. This is possible thanks to its wide choice of on-demand video workouts and personalized plan that suits you, your progress, and your lifestyle. The plan is designed depending on your selection of available equipment (the ones you have at home) and bodyweight moves. Every day, the app’s digital coach suggests the most suitable workout for you by combining scientific research, artificial intelligence, and engaging and challenging video content.


Technogym is a leading company in the field of commercial and home gym equipment. Known all over the world as “The Wellness Company”, its goal is to help develop the philosophy of fitness and well-being and turn it into a true lifestyle. To do so, Technogym provides people with gym equipment of the highest quality, together with other services like content and programs. Technogym’s outstanding fitness products are equally chosen by people for their home gym equipment and by organizations or sports and medical centers due to their unmatched quality and reliability. This is partly a direct result of the decades of experience gained as the official supplier to nine Olympic and Paralympic Games, concrete evidence that anyone choosing Technogym is choosing to train on equipment able to meet professional athletes’ needs, but is still designed for all types of users, from beginners to professionals.


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