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Redefining the luxury of living – Grand Residences, Kopaonik


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 01, 2022

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The Most Luxurious Address at the Apex of Serbia

Located in the very center of the exciting and majestic mountain Kopaonik, Grand Residences offer you the opportunity to call this wonderful place your exclusive second home.

Grand Residences enable you to enjoy the fine balance between a sophisticated life and one of leisurely relaxation in the authentic ambient only a large mountain can offer.

Located at the prestigious location 1,770m above sea level, in the center of all activities, yet secluded, it offers intimacy and privacy – an area that you have for your self-indulgence.

Courtesy of MK Group


With its 40 completely furnished apartments, Grand Residences justifies its name through the contemporary and sophisticated design of its interiors, and the overall impression, of unparalleled elegance, style, and comfort. There are 11 different types of apartments for you to choose from – from the more intimate 31m2 ones to the large 250m2 ones.

Courtesy of MK Group

Grand Residences elevates your expectations of luxury to a new level. Everything you knew so far is taken by storm, motivated by just one clear idea in our minds: to leave you breathless.

Inspired by traditional mountain chalets, these luxury residences feature warm and natural tones, with all-natural details and finishes – premium materials such as full wood and stone wall and floor panels. The interior details were selected with special attention, featuring pieces that ooze with style and a sense of comfort.

Courtesy of MK Group


Grand Residences continues the heritage of the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, which has been the most recognizable symbol of the mountain for the last 40 years. In addition to your luxurious apartment, all the benefits of the Grand Kopaonik Hotel are at your disposal, as well as the option to enjoy the special offers of your residential block in peace – such as a Spa & Wellness center with an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a restaurant within the Grand Residences wing, your own reception, your own ski depo and a private garage.

Courtesy of MK Group

Authentic experiences and endless natural beauty surround you, as you bask in the comfort of your new trophy on this magical mountain.


Life is a lot simpler when you know you have reliable support, in each and every moment. That is why a whole array of additional services, both common and unique, from our à la carte offers awaits. Everything from the maintenance of your apartment to the unique fine dining experience is at your disposal, at the exact moment when you want it.

Courtesy of MK Group

Exceptional benefits for apartment owners available at Grand Residences and the Grand Kopaonik Hotel. Find yourself in the luxurious world of enjoying the most beautiful Spa & wellness center on Kopaonik, which is known for its outdoor pool where swimming under the open winter sky is a special experience, unique fine dining experiences in the Bacco restaurant, feel a true mountain atmosphere of Garden gastro bar, children’s animation in the Kids club, which promises parents vacation in the truest sense of the word, unsurpassed concierge service for all your needs and desires, enjoyment on the most beautiful terrace and lounge with a fireplace, rooms for business meetings…and much more that makes “Life at the top” more exciting.

Courtesy of MK Group


We have invested all of our knowledge, the experience gained from the most exclusive destinations within the region, and the premium experience for our guests into Grand Residences.

We continuously raise the standards in the fields of tourism and real estate. Our portfolio encompasses 15 hotels in majority and minority ownership in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, Portorož Airport and golf courts in Savudrija. We’re especially proud of our collaboration with world-renowned hotel brands like Kempinski, Marriott International and Sheraton.

The care with which we approach locations and the needs of people has elevated us beyond developing the hotel business – we create and develop destinations themselves.

Courtesy of MK Group


Kopaonik, known as the Silver mountain, is among the highest mountains in Serbia. Offering many opportunities for vacation, relaxing, recreational activities, and an all-around good time. Its authentic charm wins you over and its hospitality is hard to resist. The only thing you’re really missing is your own space on the rooftop of Serbia – Kopaonik.

The center of Kopaonik exuberates with vibrant energy from the cafes, restaurants, and stores, offering both fun and cultural things to do, all of which are located just a few minutes from your apartment.

Kopaonik offers both a peaceful oasis and an exciting adventure. Don’t miss the unique chance to experience magical winter nights and the warmth of the mountain atmosphere. Step into the wonder of the many bars, clubs and restaurants Kopaonik has to offer. This mountain also wins overall lovers of nature during the summer months too – when the endless pathways, forest roads, and bicycle routes call on you to conquer its peaks. Hiking, biking, quad bike riding, alpine climbing, and paragliding, amongst many other activities, are all available for an active vacation and enjoying untouched nature.

Courtesy of MK Group

Last year, right before the opening of the winter season, Grand Hotel Kopaonik shone in a completely new light, thanks to an investment worth more than 30 million euros. At the time, the owner company MK Group announced a new, extremely valuable venture – Grand Residences. It is a new, luxuriously equipped wing with 40 premium furnished apartments, its own reception, spa center, garage, a la carte restaurant, concierge service, and ski room at the very exit to the ski slopes, available to residents.

Aleksandra Stojanović,
Investment Director and Corporate
Affairs Director at MK Group

“The real estate projects of MK Group
differ from other projects as they
combine decades-long expertise in
the field of tourism with significant
investments in real estate. In this way,
we offer the market a completely new
concept, that is, the feeling of home
in a prestigious hotel environment.
The value of this investment is over
15 million euros, which puts this
residential block with 40 apartments
at the very top of luxurious mountain
escapes. Grand Residence absolutely
lives up to its name with its luxurious
and sophisticated design, high-quality
service, and its additional amenities that
combine the best of apartment and
hotel facilities.”,

Continuously nurturing the tradition of an exceptional hotelier, Grand Kopaonik has been a synonym for exclusivity and top quality for four decades. Dedicated to constant improvement in the domain of luxury hotel service, it continues to push the boundaries of domestic and regional mountain tourism, this time in the spirit of personalized service, top-quality facilities, and premium services specially designed for the needs of the new residential wing and its users.

Grand Residences info office +381(0)11 3539539
e-mail: [email protected]
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