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First-class skiing, fun times and safe holidays at the ski centres of Serbia


Miodrag Spahić - Jan 16, 2022

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The fresh mountain air is certainly good for the body, and there is plenty of fresh air on the beautiful mountains of Serbia, guaranteeing a refreshing and rejuvenating vacation. An active holiday, with time spent outdoors in the crisp mountain air, combined with a peerless range of facilities guarantees fun times that will make guests want to return to a different ski resort of Serbia for their next winter holiday. No one ever dreamed that in the 21st century one single event would affect absolutely every aspect of the economy and society, and that it would force us to keep so much distance from each other. However, there are still some places which have managed to do what seemed impossible and offer activities that make us feel as if everything is in its right place.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Winter holidays will definitely happen this year, which means that this is the right time to consider where we might go and still feel completely safe. The new normal circumstances have forced us to think about masks first, and only then to choose the place where we have the chance sneak a breath of fresh air. Skiing and snowboarding are the only sports in the world that provide maximum security. Once you hit the slopes, you are fully equipped, meaning that you are wearing a bandana, a face mask that protects you from the cold air and snow, while also protecting you from contracting any viruses, while gloves are also mandatory, as well as googles, and a helmet. Currently there is no better place for having a safe tourist experience than the ski resorts in Serbia – Kopaonik, Tornik (Zlatibor), and Stara Planina.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia


Kopaonik is an ideal tourist destination that allows you to take deep breaths, try out popular winter activities and enjoy a holiday for the body and the soul. The ski slopes that offer more than 60 km of perfectly groomed runs are perfect for enjoying your favourite winter activities.

The Kopaonik Ski Centre continues to grow in popularity and facilities and offers countless opportunities to visitors. The Mountain of the Sun, as it is also known, offers ideal conditions for a holiday on the snow with more than 200 sunny days a year. If you like to feel the snow glide under your feet or you are more interested in a crazy adventure, this place is ideal for you. And it is constantly developing. Over the past two years, as many as four new runs have been established and the state-of-the-art gondola is now in place which connects the foot of the mountain with the centre of the ski resort, as well as other amenities, such as a helipad, and a snowmaking facility for the Bela Reka run. Passionate skiers can be sure that this destination will provide everything they dream of when they think of winter and skiing because, in addition to all the fun daily activities, the magic continues on the night ski trails. Kopaonik is one of the safest and most attractive ski centres, and this is why it hosted one of the most prestigious competitions in early 2021. The World Ski Federation recognised the potential of the largest ski resort in Serbia and awarded the organisation the European Cup for Women, which was held between 22 and 26 February 2021. On Kopaonik, investment was made in the development of new runs, including lighting them, expanding the snowmaking system, the garage, the double ski lift at Marijine Vode, and the installation of an adventure park, an artificial slope, a heliport, and other projects.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Activities on the snow are very important for the preservation of a healthy body and a happy mind, but Kopaonik also offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities. Adrenaline-rush activities, snow groomer tours, night skiing and sledging, and an unforgettable night out after working on your muscles are just some of the reasons why you will always want to come back to this snow-covered beauty.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Tornik (Zlatibor)

If you decide to treat yourself to a true winter holiday, Mount Zlatibor and the modern ski resort of Tornik is the way to go. This mountain offers everything that the modern-day guest expects, and the most sought-after advantages of the destination in the new normal include the colourful winter terrains and runs, the healthy environment with a wind rose over a sun-washed plateau, premium accommodation with all the expected safety measures for guests and services in modern facilities at reasonable prices. You will find all of this here, on what is officially the most popular mountain in Serbia, at the summit of enjoyment and Serbian tourism.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

This beautiful mountain, the capital of Serbian tourism, is one of the most visited locations in the country, both during the summer and the winter. Owing to its exceptional beauty, featuring extensive mountain meadows interspersed with mountain springs, its typical climate and its native air currents, its harmonious connection between forests and vast meadows and its numerous sunny days per year, not to mention beautiful ski slopes, Zlatibor has grown into a famous mountain tourist centre with the longest tradition in Serbia.

The Tornik Ski Centre is located at the altitude of 1,110 – 1,490 metres above sea level, 9 km from the tourist centre of Zlatibor. Tornik offers top quality ski runs which are also serviced by a snowmaking system, meaning that this ski centre is no longer weather dependant.

Tornik Ski Centre also offers adrenaline-rush activities, which, just like the cable car, can be used in both the summer and the winter, and provides immense fun and excitement to all who decide to try it out.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Stara Planina

The fascinating beauty of its pristine nature makes Stara Planina the most beautiful mountain in east Serbia and is one of its most valuable tourist sites. It is area of natural heritage of extraordinary importance and is a protected national park. One of the most beautiful Serbian mountains hides many curiosities that make it a favourite winter destination, since it has a snow cover for nearly five months of every year. With the construction of the cable car system and ski trails, and other infrastructure, Stara Planina has quickly become one of the most popular ski centres in Serbia, particularly among those ski enthusiasts who enjoy high-quality skiing in an environment of immense beauty and spectacular scenery.

Photo Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

At an altitude of 1,758 metres above sea level, skiers and winter sports enthusiasts will be delighted by one of the most beautiful landscapes of Stara Planina – the mountain peak of Babin Zub. The striking rock formations of Babin Zub end southwest of Midžor (2,169 metres above sea level), the highest peak in both Stara Planina and in Serbia. The ski centre offers 13 kilometres of slopes adapted to all categories of skiers, as well as special training slopes for beginners and kids.

Stara Planina also has a snowmaking system so that the visitors can enjoy winter sports even in the absence of natural snow.

Winter hedonists will particularly enjoy the endless white slopes and landscapes, the fresh and crisp air, and the peace that the snow-covered and sun-bathed mountains provide. This is exactly what the Serbian mountains offer everyone who decides to finally spend their holiday in one of the most magical and romantic environments in Europe. We will do all we can to make sure you are both safe and relaxed during your stay.

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