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Miodrag Spahić - Mar 18, 2024


American philanthropists Lee and Penny Anderson share a profound and long-lasting love for exquisite wine and cuisine, along with a deep admiration for outstanding service. In 2001, they ventured to post-war Croatia with a humanitarian organization to provide assistance to the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Inspired by this experience, they later decided to blend these two passions by establishing Korta Katarina. While on that particular mission to Croatia, Lee and Penny were captivated by the country’s warm hospitality, innovative gastronomy, and outstanding wine selections. Fueled by their passion, they later acquired the renowned “Rivijera” hotel located in the enchanting town of Orebić, nestled along the captivating Adriatic coast. After nearly a decade of meticulous planning, architectural brilliance, and painstaking construction, Villa Korta Katarina & Winery welcomed its inaugural guests in December 2018, poised to provide an unparalleled sanctuary.Villa Korta Katarina & Winery is situated in a region celebrated for its rich culture, bustling seaports, and an illustrious winemaking heritage that traces its roots back to the time of the Roman Empire. Throughout the ages, “kortas” have served as the focal point for family gatherings of sea captains and sailors setting off on daring global escapades. The name Korta Katarina pays tribute to the picturesque gardens of Croatia and is also the name of Lee and Penny’s beloved daughter, Katharine.At present, one of their utmost delights is extending a warm welcome to fellow wine enthusiasts, food lovers, and adventure seekers from all corners of the globe. They invite them to indulge in the exclusive haven they have created on the shores of the Adriatic, as well as aboard their magnificent luxury yacht that gracefully sails through its waters.

Villa Korta Katarina & Winery, an extraordinary property crafted with the utmost attention to detail, is an unparalleled choice for those with a discerning taste for the finer things in life – including exceptional wines,

delicious cuisine, and awe-inspiring vistas. As a distinguished member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux, this exclusive destination ensures an unforgettable experience.


The quaint seaside village of Orebić proudly holds a rich and enchanting maritime legacy. Over the centuries, this charming village has been home to numerous prosperous sea captains, who, after conquering the vast seas, erected magnificent mansions and villas that now adorn the town. With a deep reverence for this maritime history, Villa Korta Katarina & Winery has recently undergone a thorough rejuvenation, elevating its elegance and grandeur to unprecedented levels.After extensively researching grape varieties in Croatia, Lee and Penny made the decision to cultivate the Plavac Mali variety in their vineyards. This exceptional grape is the outcome of a spontaneous crossbreeding between two older varieties: Tribidrag and Dobričić. With its lengthy vegetation cycle and late ripening process, the Plavac Mali grape requires an abundance of warmth and light to reach full maturation. The ideal combination of climatic conditions, superb coastal locations, and stony, well-drained hillsides create the perfect environment for the Plavac Mali grape, allowing it to endure a slight “suffering” on the vine. It is this unique struggle, combined with the presence of olive trees, local fruits, flowers, and wild herbs, that gives birth to the exquisite beauty found in Korta Katarina’s Plavac Mali, Reuben’s Private Reserve, and Rosé wines. The result is a collection of full-bodied, deeply colored wines that boast flavors of dried cherries, subtle hints of raspberry, and other earthy characteristics. It comes as no surprise that the wines from this collection consistently garner the highest of international accolades and awards including 96 points from Decanter and 96 points from Wine Enthusiast.

Pošip, a wine produced from selected grapes bought from vineyards in Čara on the island of Korčula, takes advantage of the vineyards’ location in the birthplace of Marco Polo, the renowned explorer. Situated in the heart of the island, between two hills, the Čara Valley enjoys protection from strong winds blowing from both the south and the north. The valley’s openness to the west and east is particularly significant during the summer, as it allows refreshing sea breezes to permeate the area. Wines made from grapes grown in this valley exhibit a remarkable balance, being full-bodied with a more intricate structure and slightly higher alcohol content than most white varieties. The highly sought-after limited edition, known as ‘The American’, has become a much-loved choice for both locals and travelers, earning outstanding accolades from renowned global wine publications.

Every Korta Katarina wine possesses its own distinct requirements, which they meticulously oversee. Factors such as fermentation time, cold maceration, and wood maturation are closely monitored to achieve the desired characteristics. Naturally, each year presents unique conditions, and they are always ready to adjust the methods to fully unlock the grapes’ maximum potential. The aging process takes place in carefully chosen premium-quality French oak barrels that are expertly “toasted” to craft the unmatched style and exceptional character found in Korta Katarina wines.Indulging in wine tasting at Korta Katarina Winery is undeniably an extraordinary experience. The assortment of six tastings on offer is guaranteed to cater to the discerning palates of even the most demanding connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts. Special attention is given to pairing the wines with local delicacies, enhancing the overall tasting experience.

To ensure utmost attention and personalized service, reservations for wine tastings are a must, allowing their knowledgeable and professional staff to fully devote themselves to each group of guests.


Yacht Katharine is a 61.3m / 201’ CRN yacht designed in a classic traditional style, complete with a graceful canoe stern and all the essential amenities to ensure an unforgettable stay on board. Exceptionally spacious, it can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in its 6 staterooms. Katharine boasts a timeless interior furnished in a classic manner, offering a selection of breathtaking entertainment areas both indoors and on deck. The traditional design exudes elegance and warmth, creating an atmosphere of pure luxury. On the main deck, the Garwood Lounge provides a cozy pub-like ambiance, perfect for reading or enjoying pre-dinner cocktails. For a cinematic experience, gather your family in the spectacular 75” 4K UHD theater.Moving aft, the Tom Greavette Dining Room on the bridge deck welcomes guests to an elegant formal dining setting, where the talented chef’s gourmet creations can be savored in climate-controlled comfort. What makes Motor Yacht Katharine truly unique is its exceptional floor plan. All six exquisitely designed cabins are situated on the main deck, offering stunning views through oversized windows, plenty of natural light, and luxurious marble bathrooms. Each cabin provides ample space for relaxation and quiet moments of solitude.

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