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Welcome to our new website!


Miodrag Spahić - Feb 27, 2022

1 min

Dear readers,

We thank you for sharing this exciting moment of cutting the virtual red bow of our magazine with us; and, in the name of The Collection Magazine‘s entire team – it is an honour to welcome you to our web portal. The Collection Magazine has been in print since 2010, and in these 11 years, we have been a vital support system for promoting values within the region of Southeastern Europe. Simultaneously, we have been working on connecting our readers with world-famous brands, people, and phenomena and making them more accessible to this market. We are proud of our long-standing clients and our relationships with them – relationships which we have managed to foster into those that exceed mere business cooperation. These clients and partners encompass all niches: real estate, the hospitality industry, the automobile industry, the nautical world, watchmaking, and business.

Our goal is to shed an unmatched and remarkable light onto everything we do –  to shy away from the typical and unimaginative, and to avoid falling into the trap of routines and hidden goals. There is no such thing as compromise on our portal. We believe that true value stems from a mix of high-quality goods and persistence, and we vehemently emphasize this – whether we are thinking about the water we drink or the watch we use to tell the time. We all know – or, at the very least, can sense – what the good things in life are, and we are here to make sure that this is not forgotten. Similarly, we can all sense when we are being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Because of this, we aim to serve as an inspiration to all of our readers. After all, success as an ultimate goal is nothing if we lose sight of the joy of living. This joy is something I will find through all of you – as life is all about the people we choose to surround ourselves with.


Editor-in-Chief (Digital),

Sofija Aćimović



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