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Batakovic Belgrade: A Powerhouse for empowered women


Miodrag Spahić - Jul 18, 2023

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Where modern meets classic, business meets elegant, fashionable meets comfortable, and the world meets Belgrade

Loro Piana fabrics, Natasa Vojinovic as the face of the brand, Dusan Reljin as the photographer, and Ricardo Ruini as the art director – sounds like a high-fashion brand from Milan or Paris. Wearing exquisite, fashionable clothes that is also very comfortable – sounds impossible, at least for women. Having a piece of clothing that is appropriate for going to work and your best friend’s wedding – unimaginable. But, there is one place where all of these things meet – Batakovic Belgrade. Located in one of the sunniest and most central streets in Belgrade, Batakovic Belgrade recently opened its shop in Kralja Petra 11.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade

In case you didn’t know, in the world of luxury brands – Loro Piana features at the very top. Starting in the 19th century, Loro Piana became one of the most luxurious and most recognizable brands across the globe. If they become a part of your team, you must be doing something right. Likewise, Ricardo Ruini and Dusan Reljin are notable names in the fashion industry – both of them continuously working with some of the most famous brands in the world, like Valentino. And finally, the one and only, Natasa Vojinovic, the most successful Serbia’s top model in history. Yes, you read it right – all of these names are in one way or another a part of Batakovic Belgrade brand. But that is because, Ivana Batakovic, a Serbian fashion superstar, lead designer and founder of Batakovic Belgrade, left nothing to chances. She elevated her brand to never-seen-before levels in Serbia’s fashion history.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade

As you walk inside the Batakovic Belgrade store you are transported into fashion heaven. Your nose will adore the carefully chosen scent, your eyes will flourish as you watch the beautiful and powerful spring/summer collection, and your fingertips will enjoy as you touch those soft Loro Piana fabrics. Every single detail in that shop is very well thought through to make your experience memorable and shopping experience superb. Same thing applies to her collections and designs, created specifically to tell a story of powerful and beautiful women. Put any of them on, and the sensation is instantaneous – feelings of power, beauty and confidence overwhelm you.

How did such a brand come to Belgrade – a city not usually listed in the top 10 fashion places of the globe? How did Batakovic Belgrade come to life and manage to attract the most influential names of fashion industry? How did Ivana turn the unimaginable into possible for so many women? The key ingredients of this story, as with her designs, are courage, family, passion, and talent.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade / Ivana Bataković

Ivana Batakovic is no stranger to fashion – in fact, she is one of the most successful models ever to come from Serbia. While she enjoyed her successful career as a model, her true passion was always designing – according to her own testimony, she always felt the need to design, as she knew that was the best way for her to tell her story and to truly express who she is. But, as is the case with many people, she lacked confidence to make the first step and embark on the journey of making her passion a reality. Crucial for that step was the support she found in her family. As the world was locked inside during Covid-19 pandemic, Ivana began drawing her designs with unconditional support from her husband, and created the brand called Aasha. Ivana’s unique and immeasurable talent was obvious from the beginning, and Aasha continued to grow at a pace much faster than what even Ivana could imagine.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade

Two years in, and it was clear that Ivana’s designs outgrew Aasha, and that her talent warrants a quantum leap for a Serbian designer. Still supported by her loving husband and her son, Ivana decided to upscale her business, which is how Batakovic Belgrade came to life – a name carefully chosen to pay tribute to her family but also Belgrade, the city she calls home. And just a few months after this business transition, Ivana found herself surrounded with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, a store located in the most luxurious part of Belgrade, and the clientele most designers can only dream of.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade

Ivana’s story of courage, family, passion, and talent are the key features of her collections – as indeed, each of her designs is a chapter of her life story. That is why the feelings of confidence come natural to you as you wear any of her designs – because they are a genuine reflection of how she grew as a designer to become confident and exceptional at her job. And while Ivana’s key aim is to design something high-quality and beautiful, she remains equally dedicated to transmitting the sensations of power and confidence onto all of those who wear her designs.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade

Her customers recognize this. During the buzzing and vibrant store-opening, most of the attendees said that they feel her designs are different to anything they have ever seen before, and that wearing them allows them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Most of all, her customers recognize the uncompromised quality of her designs, and appreciate her desire to bring high fashion to a comparatively small city like Belgrade.

Courtesy of Batakovic Belgrade

If it sounds too good to be true, we would not blame you, that is why we invite you to come to the store and experience Ivana’s magic first hand. Hop on that flight, take a cab to Kralja Petra street, and try on those soft Batakovic Belgrade designs. If you are lucky, you might run into Ivana herself, as she often sits in the store, sips coffee, and chats with her customers.

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