Dive in your winter adventure – Olympic mountain Jahorina


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 22, 2022

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The top of Jahorina has been transformed into best snow parties area


54˚33´N 110˚03´W

Ski slopes: 47km

Ski installations: 11

Ski resort capacity: 31.000 skiers per hour

Polygons for beginners: 4

Night skiing: 7km FIS standards

Snowmaking system: 70% ski resort TECHNOALPIN


Snowboard park:1

Sledding area:1


Courtesy of OC Jahorina

You like to sip a drink and dance while music and atmosphere taking you away, while equally  enjoying skiing? Why should one exclude the other? Outdoor parties, hits that make you dance in your ski boots, cheerful company, a song that makes the mountain tremble, are no longer reserved only for prestigious foreign ski resorts. You will be able to experience all that, with a view that removes all stress and extends from 1879 meters above sea level to the unreal beauty of nature, if you choose Jahorina as your ski destination this winter. Right there, in front of Olympic Bar, a large plateau has been built, which will be an open-air bar, where, along with guaranteed daytime entertainment, the famous and beloved nightlife of this Olympic mountain also happens. The time has come for Jahorina to, along with a soft snowy garment, wear an entirely modern one, which has not yet been seen in our area.

Courtesy of OC Jahorina

Powerful sound system, music carefully selected by a DJ, a large selection of drinks in an extremely attractive environment, is what will surely attract you to, as soon as you get off the Poljice gondola, take a break between your rides, or relax and stay on the daily, or even the evening “after ski” party. The bar will be open until the end of the night skiing, and you will be able to have a crazy time in complete ski equipment under the starry sky until 21:00, and then the party will continue inside the Olympic Bar. Just in time, when it gets cold enough to make you want to come in and warm yourself up, and even have a snack from the rich selection of culinary delicacies prepared by the master chefs of this unusual high-altitude bar.

Courtesy of OC Jahorina

In addition to having a good time, do not worry about the snow on Jahorina either, there will be plenty for a long, warm winter. One of the new projects of  Olympic Center Jahorina is implementation of the “SnowFactory”. It is the latest snowmaking system, which produces artificial snow in all weather conditions, regardless of the air temperature. Be the first in the Balkans to try skiing on this type of surface, because OC Jahorina is the first on the entire peninsula to acquire this innovative snowmaking system. By using modern technology for the production of top quality artificial snow, it will be possible to produce it  daily, 24 hours a day. This will supplement the traditional artificial snowmaking system in the best possible way, and skiers will be guaranteed great skiing.

Endless joy along the sledding run on Poljice slope

With a smile and the greatest warmth in our hearts, we all remember how we sledded as children, joyful and carefree, spending hours and hours outside, until we froze so much that we finally listened to our parents, already hoarse from calling, and went inside. Joyful, rosy-cheeked, every year we impatiently awaited the first snowflakes. We remembered winters for sledding, for socializing, for cheerfully running down the hill and, our less favorite but inevitable, pulling the sled to the top of the hill. And then all over again, while our body was invisibly developing and our spirit was getting stronger.

Courtesy of OC Jahorina

If you now have little ones, or you yourself have longed for that carefree feeling, it’s time to start rejoicing, because the first sled run was built on Jahorina, which is ready to welcome the start of the winter season from 1 December. 700 meters long, enough to develop very good acceleration and wake up adrenaline and the happiness of your youngest, it will be located on slope 7, Poljice. Sledding on Jahorina will be available every day from 16:00 to 18:00, in the golden part of the day when the sun goes behind the slope of Jahorina mountain and when the day slowly fades into night. The great news is that you won’t have to pull your sled by hand, the Poljice T-bar ski lift will do it for you, which will transport you and your sled from the Poljice plateau to the start of the sledding trail, where the craziest fun begins.

Courtesy of OC Jahorina

A real opportunity for your youngest to love winter and sports even more through sledding, and to put aside the various types of screens for a while, to which, whether they like it or not, they devote most of their time, and, instead of those pictures, store much more beautiful ones in their memories, more alive, more colorful, filled with the smell of winter, laughter, giggling and the joy of spending time outdoors.

So, grease your sled and – see you on the trail!

Courtesy of OC Jahorina

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