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Hotel Ambasador, Split – A Shining Star


Miodrag Spahić - May 05, 2023

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Ambasador is a shining star of pure, unadulterated Mediterranean pleasure – this might be the outline of the story of the newest luxury hotel in Split.

Ambasador is situated in the heart of the tourist capital of Dalmatia, a city that has become a magnet for travellers from all over the world in the last decade, and an essential stop for anyone seeking a true Mediterranean experience. Its location on the most beautiful promenade in Split, offering an ideal view of the panorama of the old city, the harbor, and the entire Split archipelago that takes your breath away, is just one of the reasons why this jewel in the crown of Split’s hotel offer has been causing excitement among guests, the public, and the entire hospitality industry since its opening last year.

Courtesy of Ivan Ivanišević & Maksim Bašić

However, the perfect location is just the beginning of the story of this sophisticated high-end hotel: the guiding principle of the investors that architects and interior designers transformed into reality was for Ambasador to be a genuine extension of the Split and Mediterranean way of life in all aspects, from the materials used to the vistas it offers. It focuses on enjoyment, respect for the location and its “leisure” living tradition, and a dedication to the interesting and colorful history of this anything-but-boring city, embodying Dalmatia.

In that sense, Ambasador offers truly more than any other hotel in the vicinity: 5* hotel with 101 rooms and suites – almost all of which have an open view of the city and harbor. It is connected to the Riva and Diocletian’s Palace via a promenade, and to the ACI marina, the most beautiful city beaches and the forested lungs of the city – Marjan – on the other side.

Courtesy of Ivan Ivanišević & Maksim Bašić

With its luxurious, yet subtle and, above all comfortable design, Ambasador fully respects the ‘genius loci‘ – inviting travellers to surrender completely, relax, slow down, purify their chakras from the hectic everyday life.

The interior design was created with special attention to natural materials, and in key accents telling the story of the tradition and exclusivity of Ambasador. For example, all areas of the hotel, from the lobby to the rooms, are decorated with typical Split historical or newer scenes that exude Dalmatian joy of life, captured by Split’s photo chronicler Fedja Klaric. The reception desk, a handcrafted piece by Slavonian carpenters, is made of black oak, the so-called abonos, which has been retrieved from the depths of the Sava River and is 1,850 years old. There is also a tribute to the architectural history in a series of details that a trained eye will notice. The design of the rooms is conceived with top-quality materials and calming neutral tones that do not compete with the perpetually lively view outside, while all common areas are conceptually oriented towards the outside, towards what is Ambasador’s greatest wealth – the sea and the city, separated from guests only by a narrow promenade, thus communicating and becoming an integral part of city life.

Courtesy of Ivan Ivanišević & Maksim Bašić

The hotel includes the fine dining restaurant Méditeranée with a total of 210 seats, which will offer the best of Mediterranean cuisine with each dish designed as an authentic culinary journey that successfully fuses the tradition of Dalmatian cuisine and sophisticated gastronomy of today, creating an unforgettable gourmet experience.

Bar Split, located right on the promenade, is conceptually close to the Dalmatian way of life as well – guests can enjoy a cup of top-quality morning espresso, a great selection of artisan sweets, cocktails, branded drinks, and all of it in the company of the people of Split, who recognize Ambasador as an integral part of the city’s ‘scene’.

The open-air pool with a view of the city and harbor, and its accompanying pool bar, is just one of the many impressive amenities of the hotel. Another standout feature of Ambasador is the multifunctional conference center that can accommodate up to 80 people, primarily designed for high-profile business events. The rooftop bar is also designed as an exclusive space for private events with a smaller number of guests.

The hotel’s strategic focus on luxury and self-care is evident in the many relaxing treatments (massages, saunas, jacuzzis, hair spas…) offered in the 500-square-meter Hacelia spa zone, using top-of-the-line cosmetics and equipment. Among other things, guests can also enjoy the Floating bed – an experience of weightlessness and complete absence of any sensory distractions.

Another feature that sets Ambasador apart in the current hotel offerings in Split is the garage with around 50 parking spots, which is crucial for a hotel in the city center targeting a high-paying clientele.

In short, the Ambasador hotel embodies the best that Split, Dalmatia, and Croatia have to offer – relaxed luxury, understated beauty on the inside that emphasizes the opulence on the outside, gastronomic highlights with the best local ingredients, and identifying with a unique destination on the world tourist map, such as Split. It offers a superior Mediterranean experience!

Trumbićeva obala 18, Zapadna obala

21 000 Split, Croatia

T: +385 21 293 000

E: [email protected]




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