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Miodrag Spahić - Dec 16, 2021

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Hotel Indigo® Belgrade – A new charming place tucked away in the centre of Belgrade

Delta Holding has opened a new boutique hotel in Belgrade, Hotel Indigo® Belgrade, an attractive brand of the Intercontinental Group, located between Knez Mihailo Street and Čika Ljubina Street, the main pedestrian zone of the city. This new tourist gem of the capital opened its doors to its first guests on September 30, 2021.

Hotel Indigo® Belgrade is a unique facility in Belgrade, conceptualised, decorated and adapted to reflect the local tradition and culture. Hotel Indigo® Belgrade is tucked away in the centre of Belgrade between Knez Mihailo Street and Čika Ljubina Street, the main pedestrian zone of the city.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Indigo Belgrade

The hotel’s design is artistically inspiring, full of details that make the interior unique by reflecting the city that hosts it. The charm, soul and local story of Dorćol, one of the oldest parts of Belgrade, can be felt in every corner. Hotel Indigo® Belgrade emphasises the sensibility of the city, its rich history, food culture and the unique details of the sumptuous architectural beauty. The hotel is housed in a building that has its own story to tell, with a rustic façade and a secluded inner courtyard – atrium.

The hotel building was designed by the architect Milan Antonović’s and it has been declared a cultural asset of exceptional importance for the Republic of Serbia. In the post-war period, the façade on both sides of the building, which was robbed of its original decoration and style, was later transformed with a modernist style. The Institute for the Protection of Monuments, whose main idea was to revitalise the authentic façade, restored the original appearance and character of the period when the building was constructed.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Indigo Belgrade

The organisation of the hotel is unconventional- the entrance is located in the atrium, while a panoramic lift takes you to the second floor which is home to the reception and the restaurant. The upper floors of both buildings are reserved for rooms, while the ground and the first-floor host exclusive retail brands.

The authentic decorative façade is the first thing that visitors notice about the building. The passage between the two streets that takes guests to the hotel has been modernized, removing the superfluous elements yet keeping the authentic gate and the original but reimagined ceiling covering part of the passage near Knez Mihailova Street. The decorative approach to the design was applied only on the mosaic-like floor tiles, which represent a kind of homage to the original passage, where the ceiling and murals complement the space.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Indigo Belgrade

At the entrance, the reception’s design provides visitors with the answer to the main question – What defines Belgrade? – clearly showing that the best answer is its people, because people make the city, and the city is its people. This is exactly the message of the abstract interpretation of human figures found at the reception, whose form is inspired by the monument of Prince Mihailo – a prominent feature of Republic Square.

The basic concept of the living room is the intertwining of styles placed in the context of the salon-like apartments. The combination of floor lamps from the 60s and 70s, retro pieces of furniture, Serbian carpets, and works by contemporary Belgrade artists placed side-by-side with historical photographs, create a distinctive atmosphere of old Belgrade but in a modern, contemporary setting.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Indigo Belgrade

The hotel has two different types of rooms. One is inspired by the Yugoslav brutalist tradition and abounds in modern interpretations of furniture and details characteristic of this period. The recognisable concrete technique, designer dressers, a typical 70s chair and the terrazzo pattern in the bathroom, have all been refreshed with a modern interpretation of the Pirot-made carpet and vibrant decorations selected and designed specifically for this room. The other room style is inspired by Art Deco, with high ceilings, distinctive wallpapers and elegant bathrooms.

The lifts for guests are decorated with letters that resemble the famous letters from Miroslav’s Gospel, the most significant literary work and the oldest proof of Serbian literacy from the 12th century, which is exhibited in the National Museum. By adding the Latin alphabet, a new version emerged with seemingly randomly written letters that form the word puzzle, hiding as it does the words Lament over Belgrade, the name of a poem by Miloš Crnjanski. In this way, we have brought the richness and beauty of our history closer to our foreign guests.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Indigo Belgrade

The idea behind this is to narrate the history of this city through a combination of subtle references, original ideas, and witty moves.

The hotel features Duke- an outstanding restaurant where authentic Serbian finger food  is served alongside the most inspiring cocktails you have ever tasted. What makes this restaurant unique is that it breaks the prejudice that restaurants in hotels are unaffordable. In Duke, you may eat delectable Serbian dishes served in small plate portions, start your day with a phenomenal breakfast or have a business lunch, all at affordable prices. Duke is an artistically designed, charming, pleasant and relaxing space with a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the food, the ambience and the people.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Indigo Belgrade

Hotel Indigo® Belgrade has 46 rooms and suites, a restaurant with a private dining and meeting area, and a state-of-the-art exercise space.

Hotel Indigo® Belgrade is excited to welcome the people of Belgrade, their guests and all world travellers to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Veljko Antonić, General Manager of the Hotel:

Our passion is providing excellent and diligent service; our responsibility is your smile, your safety, and your unique experience.



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