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Hotel Jahorina mountain resort & spa


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 16, 2021

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The Jahorina Olympic Centre is about to boast a new exclusive hotel and apartment complex – Jahorina Mountain Resort & Spa – in a one-of-a-kind location, with a unique concept and features. This mountain resort, the most modern in the region, will be situated in a remarkable spot for skiing, at the altitude of 1650 metres above sea level. In addition to the location, which will delight skiing aficionados, the proximity of the airport and of Sarajevo also make this hotel a perfect choice for various business events. The facilities offered to the guests will accommodate all of the many needs of those in love with this beautiful mountain. Galens Invest has dedicated a number of apartments to those guests wishing to invest to secure a place for themselves in this complex, and these are currently on sale.

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The state-of-the-art construction and exquisite interior design are what classifies this resort among the most fashionable and best furnished mountain resorts in the region. Our carefully thought out facilities and the authentic details that complement the experience will make this place a favourite holiday destination whether in the winter or at any other time of year.

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The largest Wellness Facility and Spa Centre in the region

The Wellness and Spa Centre is the pearl of this complex. This haven for those who seek genuine enjoyment will be spread across two levels, covering more than 5000 square metres of surface area. Several pools of various sizes and purposes will be available to guests, and the outdoor swimming pool with a view of the pristine nature and slopes of Mount Jahorina will provide a one-of-a-kind experience. For all those wishing to fully relax after a long day on the mountain, Jahorina Mountain Resort & Spa will offer different types of saunas: Russian, Finnish, a Bio sauna, and a unique sauna with a priceless view of the mountain relief. The spa centre also features specially designed massage rooms, as well as a professional fitness centre which meets the requirements of recreational and professional athletes alike. Visitors with a refined taste for relaxation will be able to enjoy the luxurious, isolated and peaceful VIP corner. A separate swimming pool, steam baths, tepidaria, and independent saunas will add to your peaceful experience and give you the dose of privacy you need.

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Skiing in maximum comfort

For all those who love snow and winter sports, and enjoy carefree vacations in the mountains without complicated trips to the slopes and the renting of equipment, the Ski room of Jahorina Mountain Resort & Spa will seem like Heaven on Earth. This Ski room is located at the level of the Prača slope, as is the hotel itself. It is reachable by lift directly from your room, and then you can get to the slope in your equipment. This concept was developed with the sole aim of providing guests with complete comfort and is a rare feat in the world of winter tourism. The Ski room will be equipped with top-quality, up-to-date ski and snowboard equipment to rent or buy, to the satisfaction of all visitors. Apartment owners will have at their disposal a ski depot where they will be able to securely store their equipment.

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Those who wish to recuperate after skiing down the slope or those who wish to start their day with a cup of coffee in a natural environment will have at their disposal a Ski bar offering a broad selection of beverages and dishes. It will be located on a wonderful terrace which is a sun trap, next to the ski slope, with easy access to the bar. During beautiful and slightly warmer days, this charming bar will easily become your favourite spot for sunbathing and relaxing with friends or family. Inside the bar, there will be a fireplace, to perfectly complement the ideal winter atmosphere with the crackling of firewood and a cup of tea or mulled wine.

Business and pleasure

The pairing of business with pleasure is only possible in a perfect setting and with professional service. Since the resort’s favourable geographical position is quite suitable for the organisation of business events, particular attention was paid to the Congress Centre. Five Congress halls covering an area of more than 1000 square metres, with the capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors, with top-of-the-line audio and visual technical equipment, will make this venue the ideal choice for different meetings, conferences and other corporate gatherings.

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When it comes to gastronomy, Jahorina Mountain Resort & Spa will feature a unique blend of both traditional and modern cuisines. The renowned restaurant Kalem by Zak from Novi Sad will be a breath of fresh air on the gastro map of Jahorina and will offer innovative cuisine to its guests. The restaurant’s concept is based on the highest quality local foodstuffs, bold combinations and avant-garde preparation methods, at the hands of some of the finest culinary experts in the region. Hotel guests will also be able to enjoy the a la carte menu at this restaurant, which is characterised by flawless customer service, pleasant staff, and an authentic environment.

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Those spending their vacation with their children will have at their disposal a modern, spacious, and safe playroom. It was designed so as to satisfy the demands of the youngest guests, and so, in addition to a room for birthday celebrations, there is a games room as well. The hotel staff will be in charge of providing a professional childcare service and entertaining the children while their parents are skiing, working, or simply enjoying a pleasant dinner. Those wishing to share the fun with their children will have a pool room and a bowling alley for all ages at their disposal.

It is impossible to imagine a carefree vacation without a safe place to park. The hotel will feature a garage with three levels of parking, connected to the hotel’s heating system, which means that every guest or apartment owner will be able to freely park their vehicles here.

For more information about apartment sales please email: [email protected] or call: +387 66 033 222 or +381 66 033 222.



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