Hublot pays a twofold tribute to Mexico


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 17, 2021

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A New Boutique, An Exclusive Piece: Hublot Pays a Twofold Tribute To Mexico

The manufacture reaffirms its Mexican ties by announcing the opening of its first boutique in Cancun, where it is unveiling a Classic Fusion “Maya”.

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Ricardo Guadalupe HUBLOT CEO

“Loyalty is one of Hublot’s fundamental values. We demonstrate it daily by committing to enduring partnerships with our clubs and friends that have spanned several decades. But in the geography of our key markets, Mexico has a special place. It is with a great deal of respect and emotion that we are fusing our close ties with Mexico by building a bridge between its past (Classic Fusion Maya) and its future (new boutique in Cancun). In the future as in the past: Hublot loves Mexico!.

From Mexico City to the country as a whole, Mexico has long since been one of the brightest stars in the Hublot galaxy, with a fondness and enthusiasm that have shown no signs of waning over the brand’s 40 years of existence.

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To commemorate this treasured union, Hublot decided to launch two simultaneous initiatives in honour of Mexico. The first is a deeper celebration of their ties: The manufacture has announced the opening of its first official boutique in Cancun. It joins the country’s existing network of three boutiques, with the latest addition situated in a truly iconic spot on the easternmost tip of Mexico. This cosmopolitan city is a piece of paradise, its geographical location reflecting its outward-looking spirit, situated a few nautical miles from Havana, Miami and the Cayman Islands, where the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico meet the Caribbean Sea.

To celebrate these ties, Hublot will reveal an all-new creation that will convey the very special relationship between Hublot and Mexico: The Hublot Classic Fusion “Maya”, an exclusive numbered piece specially designed for the occasion and released as a series of just 25 pieces.

A vibrant tribute to Mayan culture, the centre of the piece depicts its traditional calendar cycles. This extremely sophisticated system demonstrates the advancement of a civilisation whose roots stretch back to prehistoric times and that made significant progress benefiting humanity as a whole in the fields
of writing, art, architecture, agriculture, mathematics and astronomy.

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The same is also true of the Haab calendar. By splitting the year into cycles, it helped support the development of mathematics and astronomy. The circle of glyphs in the middle of the dial comprises the 19 months of the Haab. The first 18 months each have 20 days and are followed by a short final period of just 5 days to give a total of 365 days.

In the centre, the carried load depicts the last of these 20 days, ajaw, meaning “lord” or “rule”. It is one of the main glyphs used in Classic Maya art. In this context, the “day” carried represents the beginning of the entire calendar year, making the load bearer actually a ‘year bearer’.

The piece occupies the 45 mm ceramic case of the Classic Fusion, which is the flagship model in the Mexican market. Entirely satin-finished and featuring red gold screws, it houses the MHUB1112
automatic movement, with a 42-hour power reserve. Its dial is adorned with 5N gold motifs of the Haab calendar against a satin-finished matt black background. The Classic Fusion “Maya” comes with an Alcantara and black rubber strap with a deployant buckle.

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Breaking News: Hublot sponsors the Akumal Festival!

For the first time, Hublot will sponsor the Akumal Arts Festival, which takes place in the village of the same name found to the south of Cancun. A one-of-a-kind occasion and a real art manifesto that aims to protect the planet by assembling artists from around the world, the Akumal Arts Festival will also become a blank canvas for graphic artist Frank Banda. Famed for his graffiti art, he will be in attendance and will reinterpret the dial of the Classic Fusion Maya at the event. Frank Banda will also be a special guest of Hublot at the official opening of the Cancun boutique, where he will present an exclusive live performance.


Founded in Switzerland in 1980, HUBLOT is defined by its innovation, which began with the highly original combination of gold and rubber. This “Art of Fusion” stems from the imagination of its visionary Chairman, Jean-Claude Biver, and has been driven forward by CEO Ricardo Guadalupe since 2012.

The release of the iconic, multi-award-winning Big Bang in 2005 paved the way for new flagship collections (Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang), with complications ranging from the simple to the highly sophisticated, establishing the extraordinary DNA of the Swiss watchmaking house and ensuring its impressive growth.

Keen to preserve its traditional and cutting-edge expertise, and guided by its philosophy to “Be First, Different and Unique”, the Swiss watchmaker is consistently ahead of the curve, through its innovations in materials (scratch-resistant Magic Gold, ceramics in vibrant colours, sapphire), and the creation of Manufacture movements (Unico, Meca-10, Tourbillon).

HUBLOT is fully committed to creating a Haute Horlogerie brand with a visionary future: a future which is fused with the key events of our times (FIFA World CupTM, UEFA Champions League, UEFA EUROTM) and the finest ambassadors our era has to offer (Chiara Ferragni, Pelé, Kylian Mbappé, Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic).

Discover the HUBLOT universe at our network of boutiques located in key cities across the globe: Geneva, Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Zurich and at



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