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Nothing is like your Sanlorenzo yacht. Not even another Sanlorenzo.


Miodrag Spahić - Apr 28, 2023

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The Perfect Yacht for Discerning Travelers: Find Your Dream Sanlorenzo yacht in Your Region.

Elevate Your Yachting Experience: Step Aboard Sanlorenzo’s Premium Yachts.


Sanlorenzo has several key strengths that make it a highly desirable brand in the yachting industry:

  • Exceptional build quality: Sanlorenzo yachts are built to the highest standards of quality, using the finest materials and craftsmanship. The attention to detail and precision engineering ensures that every yacht is of the highest possible quality.
  • Customization: Sanlorenzo offers a highly personalized and bespoke experience for each client. The company works closely with its clients to understand their needs and preferences, and then designs and builds a yacht that is perfectly tailored to their requirements.
  • Innovation: Sanlorenzo is known for its innovative and cutting-edge design. The company works with some of the world’s leading yacht designers to create yachts that are both beautiful and functional. Sanlorenzo yachts offer a perfect blend of form and function, providing the ultimate yachting experience.
  • Sustainability: Sanlorenzo is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company uses eco-friendly materials wherever possible, and its yachts are designed with sustainability in mind. Sanlorenzo believes that the future of yachting lies in responsible and sustainable practices, and is dedicated to leading the way in this area.
  • Reputation: Sanlorenzo has a long-standing reputation as one of the most respected and prestigious yacht builders in the industry. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has earned it a loyal following of discerning yachting enthusiasts. Overall, Sanlorenzo’s exceptional build quality, customization, innovation, sustainability, and reputation make it a highly desirable brand in the yachting industry. By highlighting these strengths to potential customers, you can help to position Sanlorenzo as the ultimate choice for discerning yachting enthusiasts.

Franz Schillinger, CEO of Sanlorenzo Adria and Master Yachting

Can you tell us about your company’s history in the nautical sector?

Sanlorenzo Adria’s parent company, Master Yachting, was founded in 1978 and celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. I personally have always been passionate about yachting and the sea, but was involved in other businesses before I joined Master Yachting in 2009 as a consultant and bought the company together with a partner in 2011. We took on distribution of Lagoon catamarans and Beneteau sailing as well as motor yachts and have grown and expanded our operations to become one of the leading companies in the yachting industry. From 2015 to 2018, Master Yachting sales increased year after year allowing us to be by far the best Lagoon dealership in all of Europe and in 2019 to be even the best in the world. Our secret to success, in addition to hard work, is to convey the meaning and added value of Yacht Charter Investment to customers, and thus considerably enlarging the target group of potential yacht owners.

“We show how the dream of owning a yacht can be realized.” In 2016, Master Yachting opened the subsidiary in Munich, serving the German market from Munich to Dusseldorf. We also have a sales office in Zurich. In 2019, Sanlorenzo Yachts was added to the product range, doubling the volume of the previous core business with sailing and motor yachts from Beneteau, catamarans from Lagoon and exclusive day cruisers from Frauscher.

Sanlorenzo_SD90_photo Thomas Pagani

What was the reason to represent Sanlorenzo in South Central Europe?

At Master Yachting we represent Beneteau sailing yachts, Lagoon catamarans and Frauscher boats, all three brands are world market leaders in their respective segments. We didn’t just choose to represent Sanlorenzo because it is the world’s largest single brand builder of yachts over 24 meters. We also chose Sanlorenzo because of the brand’s reputation for exceptional quality, innovation and attention to detail. We are proud to represent Sanlorenzo in the Adriatic region and we believe our customers will appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that Sanlorenzo is known for.

Sanlorenzo_SD90_photo Maurizio Baldi

What are your plans for the future of your company?

Our plans for the future are focused on continuing to expand our operations and offer our clients the best possible yachting experience. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to serve our clients, whether it’s through offering new yacht designs, cutting-edge technology, or personalized services. We also plan to continue our commitment to represent brands like Sanlorenzo that have sustainability and environmental responsibility, by investing in eco-friendly yacht designs and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. Ultimately, our goal is to remain at the forefront of the yachting industry and provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service and expertise.

Vienna office
Diesterweggasse 16/5
1140 Vienna Austria
tel. +49 89 7467 4977
Zagreb Office
Rebar 14
10000 Zagreb Croatia
tel. +385 99 357 1727
Dalmatia office
Marina Dalmacija
23206 Sukošan Croatia
tel. +385 99 357 1727
Istria office
ACI Marina
52210 Rovinj Croatia
tel. +385 99 357 1727

[email protected]

Sanja Bozović, Sales Manager for Serbia and Montenegro

Can you tell us more about Sanlorenzo Adria and where the company has offices? Additionally, does Sanlorenzo Adria participate in any major yacht shows or events in the region?

Sanja Bozović: Sanlorenzo Adria is the official distributor for Sanlorenzo yachts in South Central Europe, including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia,Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania as well as Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Sanlorenzo Adria’s parent company Master Yachting has its headquarters in Vienna and offices in Munich, Düsseldorf as well as Zurich. Sanlorenzo Adria has its headquarters in Zagreb and sales offices in Prague and Budapest as well as on the Adriatic Coast in Marina Dalmacija Sukošan and ACI Marina Rovinj. The Sanlorenzo Adria Sales Director, Cornelius Kistler is located in Basel, Switzerland. So, we cover a huge area.

We are planning very soon to open an office in Montenegro, maybe even in Belgrade. In the meantime, as sales manager for Serbia and Montenegro, I look forward to arranging face-to-face meetings in the region. Sanlorenzo Adria also participates at boat shows such as Palma International Boat Show, Salone Nautico Venezia, Cannes Yachting Festival, Monaco Yacht Show, Biograd Boat Show and Boot Düsseldorf. These shows are a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest designs and connect with potential clients who share our passion for yachting. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Sanlorenzo Yachts to come and visit us at one of these shows. We will soon organize another event in Belgrade and in Istria, so follow us to get updated.

Sanlorenzo_SD90_photo Thomas Pagani

Why Sanlorenzo? What makes your brand stand out among other yacht brands?

Sanlorenzo is a brand that has been around for over 60 years and has earned a reputation for producing high-quality, luxurious yachts. Our focus on custom design and attention to detail sets us apart from other yacht brands. We work closely with our clients to create unique and personalized yachts that meet their individual needs and desires.

Sanlorenzo Yachts are known for being the most expensive. What justifies their price?

The price of our yachts reflects the high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of their design and construction. Sanlorenzo yachts are built to the highest standards using only the finest materials and components, which means they are not only luxurious, but also reliable and safe. Our clients understand that investing in a Sanlorenzo yacht means they are getting the very best in terms of quality and value. For those interested, we can organize the visit of the production lines in 3 different shipyards in Italy. Not to forget to mention, depreciation of Sanlorenzo yachts is lower than other brands.

Sanlorenzo_SD90_photo Maurizio Baldi

What sets Sanlorenzo Yachts apart from other yacht brands?

There are several key reasons why we believe Sanlorenzo yachts offer a superior experience. Firstly, Sanlorenzo yachts are known for their exceptional build quality and attention to detail. Teams of skilled craftsmen and engineers work tirelessly to ensure that every yacht produced is of the highest possible quality. This attention to detail extends to every aspect of the yacht, from the materials used to the design of the interiors. Secondly, Sanlorenzo yachts are known for their innovative and cutting-edge design. They work with some of the world’s leading yacht designers to create yachts that are both beautiful and functional. Sanlorenzo Yachts offer a perfect blend of form and function, providing the ultimate yachting experience. One of the Sanlorenzo yacht designers, actually also the art director of Sanlorenzo, is Piero Lissoni, you might recognize his work if you visit the Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj. Finally, Sanlorenzo offers a personalized and bespoke experience for each client. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, and then design and build a yacht that is perfectly tailored to their requirements. This level of customization and personalization is unmatched in the industry and is a key reason why Sanlorenzo is the best choice for discerning yachting enthusiasts.

Sanlorenzo_SD90_photo Thomas Pagani

As a woman in the yachting business and sales, can you speak to your experience in this field?

Absolutely. While the yachting industry is still largely male-dominated, I have found that there are many opportunities for women who are passionate about yachting and have a strong business sense. In my experience, clients appreciate working with someone who has a deep understanding of the yachting industry and can help guide them through the process of selecting and purchasing a yacht. I believe that being a woman in this field has given me a unique perspective and has allowed me to connect with clients in a meaningful way. Sanlorenzo is a highly esteemed brand in the luxury yacht industry, with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

What sets this brand apart from others in the market?”

Sanlorenzo yachts are renowned for their elegant design, advanced engineering and luxurious amenities, making them the top choice for clients who value both performance and style. Additionally, Sanlorenzo’s commitment to customization means that each yacht is unique and tailored to the specific wants and needs of the owner. Nothing is like your Sanlorenzo yacht. Not even another Sanlorenzo.

Montenegro office
Porto Montenegro
85330 Tivat Montenegro
tel. +382 67 20 1655

[email protected]



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