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Park Residence, Sarajevo – World Class Living arrives in Sarajevo


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 17, 2021

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Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

Sarajevo is a synonym for multiculturalism and diversity.

It is a city at the crossroads of civilisations with a rich cultural history that has created unique architecture, cuisine, and the beauty of living as a whole. It is located in a green valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains with a rich winter tourism offer. This dynamic environment offers a unique experience of the geographical area with all four seasons. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an Olympic city, the sports, economic, cultural, religious and political centre of the country. Combining the best of the East and the West, Sarajevo offers a rich social life and nightlife, and retains civic concensus, universality and oriental charm.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

We bring Park Residence to the very heart of Sarajevo, a project that raises the quality of residence to a higher level. Despite being located in the very centre of Sarajevo (one kilometre from the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one kilometre from the city’s sports complexes and clinical centre, three kilometres from the old town – Baščaršija), its unique position on a hill with abundant vegetation offers a sense of living in a green oasis, isolated from the city crowds and heavy traffic. The use of panoramic glass walls provides fantastic views of entire Sarajevo. Park Residence is a new name for safety, peace, natural surroundings and top environmental standards.

Park Residence consists of five towers with apartments that are directly connected to the garages and all the other facilities of the condominium, which are located on the ground floor and mezzanine, the floors that form the base of the residential towers.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

The architectural design and the quality of construction were guided by the highest contemporary world standards, with special emphasis on environmental protection and creating a living environment of the highest quality. Free air flow is ensured between the towers, very low energy consumption has been achieved for the entire complex, and the park area of 30,000 m2 borders the condominium space to the west side. The only energy source that will be used in the buildings is electricity, which will ensure a top environmental standard during all seasons.

Entry and exit from the condominium is controlled through the reception at the main entrance, which is also the central information place for residents’ needs.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

In addition to the comfort and privacy of one’s own luxury home, the Park Residence condominium also offers the use of various common facilities, intended exclusively for residents and their visitors, which include an indoor pool, spa and fitness centre, indoor multifunctional areas for sports activities and an outdoor tennis court. In addition to the recreation and wellness facilities, the condominium has a cinema hall and a conference hall, which can be reserved only by residents of Park Residence.

Our priority is a high standard of urban living, therefore the condominium is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance and physical security, as well as direct connections between the garage, residential units and the additional facilities.

This variety of facilities eliminates much of the daily need to move around the city, making Park Residence a place where people will be able to have more time for themselves, their families and healthy life habits.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

The residents can also enjoy the facilities of the Gallery Shopping Mall on the ground floor, which are also open to the public, thus improving the life quality of the local community as well. These facilities will meet the daily needs of the residents – supermarkets, pharmacies, hairdressers and beauty salons, pet stores, kindergartens, restaurants, etc.

The plateau above the mezzanine is fenced and designed as a pleasant common area for residents, with greenery, benches and children’s playgrounds.

Parking space for the residents is provided in the basement of the complex. The garage is secured with 24-hour video and physical surveillance, and in order to have the most efficient parking system, it is also equipped with a license plate reader. One section of the garage is intended for the business element of the building and for visitors.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

The residential area of the Park Residence condominium offers several types of apartments, which differ in disposition, orientation, views and size.

The design solution of each apartment type has been prepared individually, with expertise and attention and is characterised by a contemporary, clean and open layout that allows the kitchen, dining room and living room to form a single space.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

We consider master bedrooms with their own wardrobes and bathrooms to be a mandatory part of this type of luxury residence.

Another master stroke of Park Residence are the terraces – which utilise the full width of each apartment. Access to the terrace is possible from all rooms, so a maximum feeling of openness and freedom is ensured. Thanks to the favourable position of the condominium in terms of insolation and the luxurious dimensions of these terraces, they can be actively used most of the year, and throughout the year they provide the possibility for growing suitable ornamental vegetation, one’s own “urban garden”, and they contribute to the feeling of intertwining of indoor and outdoor space.

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

All Park Residence apartments have been equipped with focus on top quality materials and with great attention paid to detail.

Regardless of coverage of the condominium by 24-hour video surveillance, the alarm system and physical security, every residential unit is also equipped with anti-burglary doors. This kind of door is a fantastic blend of aesthetics and safety, of certified thermal, acoustic and fireproof performance.

The interior doors are made of quality wood veneer. Top quality wood panelling has been used for the floors (three-layer parquet specially prepared for an underfloor heating system).

The exterior walls of the apartments are, in fact, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and for superior thermal and sound insulation, we have selected the highest quality aluminum profiles and three-layer IZO glass with LOW_E coating and argon filled. Complete transparency of the facade during the day allows maximum penetration of natural light into your living space, and at night it provides spectacular views of the city. The use of Clear Vision glass, from which iron oxide has been removed by a modified production process (which otherwise gives the glass a greenish tone), achieves an extremely clean appearance and very high light transmission (92%) and colour rendering (99%).

Photo Courtesy of Park Residence

The bathrooms are fully equipped with sanitary ware and ceramic tiles (large tiles) from the world’s most renowned manufacturers and with carefully designed details of superior finishing (glass, mirrors and chests of drawers).

The heating and cooling system is based on heat pumps and is individually controlled for each residential unit.

All Park Residence apartments offer the possibilities of the KNX Smart Home system – control of heating and cooling, lighting, external blinds and other functions directly or via a mobile application, which is an added value for this new and integrated residence concept. Purchasing a property in Park Residence can be a great investment, because in the very centre of Sarajevo, due to limited supply of quality apartments in new buildings, renting out apartments in our complex ensures a return on investment within a very reasonable time.

After we fully implement this exceptional project, we will also remain present in the future through management of the condominium, including taking care of the apartments that are intended for renting out.

Our mission is to ensure that Park Residence offers the lasting quality that makes your home the place where you will feel best, and your most important address.

For more information on Park Residence Sarajevo, your world class living address, contact +387 33 844 502, +387 61 222 333, [email protected] or log on to



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