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The Capital Plaza Podgorica – Discover The City Within The City


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 17, 2021

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Any visit to the capital of Montenegro is practically impossible without touring this mighty commercial complex, which is an attraction in itself, the personification of elegant design and the heart of urban movement. The Capital Plaza is the status symbol of modern residential and business life. The main social checkpoint in the newly created hub of the city of Podgorica. Modern, attractive, with a unique appearance and innovative construction, this multifunctional complex ticks all the boxes for professional and family life. The Capital Plaza gives much more than expected and that is why it was recognised and accepted as this city’s trademark.

The Capital Plaza is the lifeblood of the business district, just a couple of minutes from the city centre and the main landmarks, and just 15 minutes from Podgorica Airport. The favourable position and excellent local infrastructure enable quick access to the highways leading from the city towards the sea and to the north of Montenegro. The complex is home to many renowned international companies, which occupy office spaces of various sizes. Between them sits the CUE Podgorica Hotel with its lounge bar – The Living Room restaurant.

This energy efficient, ultra-innovative complex contains luxury apartments, cafes, fine dining restaurants, exclusive boutiques, beauty salon, fitness centre for adults and children, a wellness & spa centre, the latest system for the monitoring of the facility, security systems and information technology (IT) systems, underground parking, and many other amenities. The building is equipped with a smart garage monitoring system, which allows for easy finding of free parking places at any time.

Photo Courtesy of The Capital Plaza


Having a business address at The Capital Plaza is a remarkable reference for existing and future clients, and for business partners. Many representatives of the highest political, diplomatic, economic and business levels have chosen this very complex as their official seat. This is another confirmation of the reliability and respectability of this place, which is among the best secured facilities in the country.

The complex offers office premises of different surface areas in the two ultra-modern towers (Diplomat and Business towers). Located between the towers is the CUE Podgorica Hotel, perfectly blending in with its amenities, seeing that it has become the first choice of clients in search of premises for conferences in Podgorica. The commercial zone of The Capital Plaza, located on levels 0 and -1, provides those working here with a rich selection of fine dining restaurants and bars.

Photo Courtesy of The Capital Plaza

The surface area of business premises for rent ranges between 50 m² and 1000 m². When renting office space, clients are able to adapt the size of the premises to their needs, demands and the type of work undertaken, allowing for a comfortable and pleasant work atmosphere. Business premises for rent are equipped in accordance with the highest standards with other similar facilities around the world. The clients have at their disposal 24/7 maintenance services and parking places, which are included in the price depending on the Lease Agreement. The reception desk, fast lifts, fire protection systems, video surveillance and management system and central A/C, make the offices in The Capital Plaza ideal places for work.

“The Capital Plaza is a unique combination of business and leisure, not only in Podgorica and Montenegro, but in the region. In addition to the many companies that chose this complex as their HQ, another major advantage are the cafes, restaurants, and the hotel within the facility. Such a combination of facilities makes The Capital Plaza the hub of business and social life. The location of the building, at the corner of two boulevards and close to other important roads, contributes to the good connections with other parts of the city. Taking into account the large client base that PwC partners within Montenegro, the environment and the location of the office make for an important aspect of our overall business results. PwC is an international company with more than 280,000 employees in 155 countries around the world, and prime locations are very important to us, especially because The Capital Plaza is a meeting hub for many people of different professions. The entire complex is very well organised and designed, and frequent communication with other residents in a cosy atmosphere certainly contributes to the strengthening of the existing and the creation of new business contacts, and to the conception of new ideas” – says Sava Laketić, PwC Senior Manager.

Photo Courtesy of The Capital Plaza


The apartments for rent are located in the residential element of the complex. Furnished in accordance with the highest standards, they are characterised by a sophisticated and elegant design, functional layout, airy atmosphere, and perfect comfort. The position of each apartment provides peace and privacy, regardless of whether it is oriented towards the atrium or the city. Some are characterised by spacious terraces, whereas others are distinguished by large glass surfaces. Each is equipped with supreme quality exterior doors and windows that allow for a high transmission of sunlight and also a high level of thermal and sound insulation. High ceilings provide a feeling of space and comfort, and a special dimension of pleasure. Some of the apartments for rent have uniquely designed mini saunas for precious moments of unwinding and relaxation. Their surface areas range from 78 m² to 306 m² and include one, two and three-bedroom apartments. The apartments for rent may be leased for residential or for business purposes, both short-term and long-term.

A novelty in the region is “Officetel”. This is a multifunctional apartment which can be used simultaneously as a place for living and for work, which saves money and time and s ideal for lawyers, accountants, artists, and other professions.

“The Capital Plaza has a perfect location in the heart of the city. Basically, you have everything you need in one place: you get up in the morning, have breakfast at The Living Room, exercise in The Capital Fitness centre, leave your clothes at the dry cleaner’s, have lunch at Elit restaurant, pay your bills at the post office, have your car washed in the underground garage, visit boutiques to enjoy the latest fashion trends of interior design, then go for a spa treatment to be refreshed for drinks with friends or your significant other at the Hard Rock Cafe. You can do all this without having to leave the complex. The quality of life for me and my husband gives me a feeling of being at home. We move often and basically go to a different country every few years. Comfort, security, the feeling of being in good hands and not having to struggle with everyday obligations is a huge benefit and makes adaptation much easier. We are able to enjoy a totally relaxed atmosphere at the end of often stressful days, with a cup of coffee or a glass of good wine, without leaving the modern and picturesque environment of The Capital Plaza complex. You are in the middle of things, but you can still enjoy your privacy. I love the state-of-the-art and contemporary design of The Capital Plaza apartments, with plenty of light inside the rooms. The layout is quite clever: my husband’s job requires from time to time the organisation of parties at home, and the spacious living room and dining room are excellent for such occasions, whereas the rest of the family may enjoy the privacy of the bedrooms and guestrooms. And if you need catering, there are many options in the complex, which is quite handy. All in all, The Capital Plaza is a perfect place for living, if you are looking for a modern, urban, favourable environment” – said artist Iryna Dolzhanska.

Đorđe Lukić, the CEO of Adriatic Bank, discovered many advantages of living in an apartment inside The Capital Plaza: “I am very pleased because the entire building exudes peace even though it is situated at a very attractive and busy location, and because it has all the necessary facilities we require during the week, such as The Capital Fitness centre and children’s playgrounds where I take my kids. Since we live rather quickly and dynamically, I feel that the quality of life is reflected in simplicity and efficiency. I believe it is important not to lose too much time during the day, and I am able to achieve this by living here, since my offices are within the complex. That is why I would recommend The Capital Plaza to everybody, both for its excellent position in the modern, business zone of the city, and for the peace it provides with its privacy. The proximity of popular restaurants, the shopping mall, and green surfaces and children’s parks is another important bonus.”

Photo Courtesy of The Capital Plaza


A focal point bustling with life and attractive business people, The Capital Plaza’s commercial zone is the place where you can take a casual walk and visit famous fashion boutiques, branded shops, bars and restaurants. The commercial zone also houses the branch offices of the largest banks in Montenegro, a winery, insurance company, car showrooms, gallery, fitness equipment showroom, drycleaner’s, and a children’s playroom where visitors may entrust their children to the professional animators and enjoy a carefree shopping experience. The small square on the ground floor and level -1 are well connected functionally and visually.

In the summertime, the atrium becomes a gathering place for many domestic and international tourists. Concerts in the open, festivals and trade shows, fashion shows and cultural events, restaurants offering local and international culinary specialties, contribute to the reputation of The Capital Plaza as one of the central points for all types of events in the capital of Montenegro.

According to Žarko Kostić, CEO of British Motors Montenegro, The Capital Plaza is much more than an exclusive business complex that brings together different successful companies: “This is a place for meetings, exchange of ideas, business deals and success, a place of communication and cooperation. This multifunctional concept is an area that connects people, and Podgorica surely deserves such a business zone, better than anything found in much larger or much more developed cities. Through The Capital Plaza, Podgorica is seen as a regional development centre and a favourite destination of renowned companies from Montenegro and abroad. In addition to being a beautiful landmark of the capital city, it can safely be said that this business complex was the prerequisite for the arrival of numerous companies and investors. Since British Motors Montenegro represents luxury international brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover, it made total sense to choose The Capital Plaza. In addition to obvious exclusivity and comfort offered by this complex, we were greeted by a high level of professionalism and kindness of the staff and management, which made our stay even more pleasant. The supreme exclusivity as the business imperative of The Capital Plaza, and the concept of space which allows adaptations to our business needs was absolutely reason enough to make this building our choice. Such a space, which is the hub of serious businesses, is completely compatible with our brands and our clientele. Our clients and guests deserve the best in all segments, and we believe that we have achieved this during our long-term cooperation with The Capital Plaza”.Experience this one-of-a-kind place and all the charms of a privileged business and lifestyle unique to Podgorica, Montenegro, and the Balkans.

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