Three mountains, Serbia’s countless ski possibilities


Miodrag Spahić - Dec 19, 2022

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We live in a time when everything happens so fast that it often seems that we don’t even have a moment for ourselves and our loved ones. Then there is that moment when we imagine ourselves on a comfortable couch, next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow falling. At that very second, we realize that the time has come to plan our winter vacation and choose that ideal place, which will satisfy all our desires and senses.

Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

When we think of winter and snow, Kopaonik somehow logically comes to our mind, because it is the best synonym that combines all those activities that can nourish both soul and body. The recognizable symbol of Serbia, as a trademark of Serbian tourism, it attracts tourists from all over the world and they always return, year after year. Definitely the most modern and attractive ski center in this part of Europe, it offers more than 60 kilometers of ideal ski runs for enjoying the mountain areas. Passionate skiers can be absolutely sure that Silver Mountain will provide them with an incredible pleasure, and if you want to feel the snowy charms of this place, night skiing will be an absolute hit.

Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

The first cable car was built on Kopaonik back in 1981, when it was recognized as an international ski center. Since then, its accelerated development has started, to reach its incredible splendor today. This is exactly why all the most important winter events are organized right there. Although the activities on the snow are very important for maintaining a healthy body and cheerful spirit, Kopaonik offers a wide range of other enjoyable activities and entertainments. Adrenaline activities, sightseeing of the mountain by gondola or taxi, night skiing and sledding and an unforgettable nightlife afterterwards will once again show why we always return to this snowy beauty.

Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

When we mention enjoying nature and fresh air, we cannot miss to mention Zlatibor and Tornik as one of the most beautiful places in Western Serbia. The combination of mountain and Mediterranean climate make this place a real paradise for those who want to enjoy fresh mountain air. Coupled with superb ski runs, it’s an ideal destination to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. The Tornik ski resort can boast of one of the most difficult ski runs in Serbia that can only be mastered by the most experienced skiers. Others should not be scared since there are slopes and places for the less brave and less experienced, as well as for those who want to enjoy the view of the pine trees after which Zlatibor has got its name (Zlatibor –- golden pine tree).

Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Our little tour through Serbia does not end there, because in the place where the Sun rises, in the very east of the country, there is an untouched treasure – Stara planina (Old Mountain). A place where nature embraces a man and provides an indescribable feeling of happiness and well-being. This mountain offers countless possibilities to mountain lovers. If your passion is hiking, skiing or simply enjoying the view, then you have chosen the right destination. On more than 13 kilometres of ski runs, there is one of the most modern ski resorts, which is equipped with top-quality installations for complete enjoyment of every snowboarder and skier. After your favourite sport, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets with mulled wine at the most beautiful viewpoints on the mountain.

Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Just so we don’t forget to mention the most important thing, which is that snow is not your concern, because in our mountains, thanks to the most modern snowmaking machines, there is always snow at all times!

And finally, a little advice. Whichever of these three beauties you choose, you won’t make a mistake, because all three are real jewels of Serbia. Oases of tranquillity, fresh air, beautiful nature, delicious food, magical landscapes… On the other hand, they are full of social activities and rich nightlife for those who are looking for that, which is why they are said to fulfil everyone’s wishes.

Courtesy of Ski Resorts of Serbia

Now, back to the beginning… snow, hot chocolate, a fireplace and a beautiful, magical mountain… what are you waiting for?

Ski resort “Kopaonik”

tel: + 381 36 54 71 203 (lift info)
tel: + 381 36 54 71 203, 54 71 211 (info ski pas)
fax: + 38 36 54 71 204

Ski resort “Tornik”

tel: + 381 31 315 00 04
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Stara Planina
Ski resort “Stara Planina”

tel: +381 19 730 911
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