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Miodrag Spahić - Dec 16, 2021

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Over the past four decades, Hotel Grand Kopaonik has been constantly updating its look, making sure guests leave with brand-new memories after every visit. Here, everything is dedicated to well-being and the enjoyment of each day. Hotel Grand is a gathering place for sophisticated individuals living in sync with the ideals that define contemporary luxury and is proud to be one of the most recognisable symbols of Kopaonik. This winter, for its 40th anniversary, Hotel Grand Kopaonik will open its doors with a completely fresh appearance and new high-class amenities offering an additional premium touch.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Grand Kopaonik

Tucked away in the beautiful environment of the National Park, in the most prestigious location on Kopaonik, the hotel offers an experience to be retold by generations to come, with the help of its famously dedicated staff. Skilfully combining the local tradition of generosity with contemporary trends in tourism and hospitality, it boldly offers new and attractive ski slopes – the setting for the finest personal expeditions.

The personalized deluxe offer is evidence of the Grand mission to show every guest the time of his/her life. Lavish and long-lasting, Hotel Grand offers a peerless mountain experience enriched by many relaxing amenities throughout the year. The first-class Spa & Wellness Centre treatments, unique retreat packages, all-day concierge programme, and various outdoor activities are just some of the amenities that will take guests on unforgettable adventures and unveil the most beautiful secrets of Kopaonik.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Grand Kopaonik

A world dedicated to complete relaxation

Inspired by Kopaonik’s nature and the rich essences hiding in the diverse world of plants, the new spa concept exudes refreshment, beauty, tranquillity and an overall dedication to the care of body and mind. The signature spa rituals are the work of some of the most prestigious French spa brands, while local natural resources are used in the authentic luxury treatments, produced for this purpose in a limited series.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Grand Kopaonik

The aromatic lab

Through the use of the various plants and gorgeous flowers decorating the slopes of Kopaonik, guests will be able to learn the basics of aromatherapy. To make the experience exclusive, it will be possible to harmonise the miscellaneous notes of essential oils and body peelings with the persons’ individual needs, thus creating a personalised product.

For a complete experience, it is possible to swim under the starry sky and enjoy the stunning outdoor swimming pool with a view of the peaks of Kopaonik.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Grand Kopaonik

Restaurants offering irresistible flavours

When your lifestyle is matched by the exquisite dishes made using only the finest ingredients, that is when a true experience for all the senses comes to life. The careful selection of culinary specialties will make every bite taste like perfection. The brand-new restaurant and bar concepts will make every holiday a special experience due to the daily surprises on offer. Refined and dignified, with a charm that is sure to bring a smile to peoples’ faces, the Grand Salon demonstrates a heritage of style, grandiosity and consistence, while Bacco is a place worthy of connoisseurs and lovers of ultimate gastronomic specialties, being at once luxurious and unimposing. The favourite spot for wine enthusiasts is the private cellar with a supreme selection and maturation technology that gives certain labels additional value over time, and which is an integral part of an unforgettable fine dining experience. The surprise of the season is the good old Garden Gastro Bar, with a new look and superb offer of homemade specialties wrapped in a new format, which now also boasts a matchless evening programme introducing a brand-new experience to Kopaonik. Be sure to catch the most exclusive view of the peaks of Kopaonik from the unique Grand Terrace Bar, while sipping the finest champagne.

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Grand Kopaonik

The essence of a good life

The harmonious and cosy ambience of Hotel Grand Kopaonik skilfully creates a dynamic dialogue with its surroundings. The interior exudes natural and tasteful beauty and is a place where comfort is the highest priority. The carefully selected interior details and the 24/7 concierge make it clear that nothing is more important than the art of living.

Between the mountain and the sky

Be sure to go with the flow, feel the warmth of the mountain atmosphere and a touch of timeless elegance. Explore the charms of this one-of-a-kind mountain experience in tune with the needs of sophisticated individuals living life in style!


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